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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


There is going to be a learning curve this time around. You are making subtle improvements and those are really changing the way you view other people. It’s becoming a weirder experience to see time speed by. Let’s try to slow it down a bit.


Physical changes are going to open new doors for you. Your willingness to try new things will brighten your prospects greatly. Be careful not to overplay your hand. You could be getting some mixed messages from a co-worker or someone you see regularly.


Help others see the light by not arguing with them, but instead giving them several options to choose from. This is a good time to sell if you are willing to drop your bottom line. There is beauty everywhere. Keep your mind open to it.


You are scared to do what’s necessary right now. Tiny steps, a little bit more, something here, something there, not all of it all at once – that is how you move through your experiences. If you bite off more than you can chew you’ll feel great amounts of frustration.


Don’t push people who aren’t ready for you yet. You can only do what you can do – the rest will have to wait. You aren’t going to get anywhere by getting ahead of yourself. Be careful about overdoing the compliments and positivity – it is usually a tip-off that something is wrong.


Make sure your next adventure includes the right tool kit. You will be in situations where you are without something vital to your experience. You must make an idiot list, check it twice. That is how you’ll free yourself from worry. You see things other people don’t this week.


Only bad things can happen when we aren’t expecting them. Keep your slate clean. If you have nothing to answer for you will stop asking questions. Why did things that seemed so hard before now feel so easy? You can make your life better by accepting yourself. No more shoulds haves and could haves.


You see the pressure being put on and it feels like it’s coming from the wrong direction. Let’s not set ourselves up for failure out of the gate. Sneaking up from behind is a better strategy. You also feel some anger lately coming from people who are usually more even-tempered.


You will get a chance to be a hero and it’s going to feel very good. The love is about to be spread around and you’ll be relieved to hear that you are included in that. You see others who have the luxury to walk away but you aren’t quite there yet. Keep the yearning alive.


Make use of the blessings you were given. You are sitting on a gold mine and things aren’t going to improve unless you know when to get up and let it out. Listen to someone who is willing to give you good business advice. Be proud of all that you have accomplished.


You are getting a head start today, not putting off what needs to be done in lieu of what you want to do. You feel lucky that the way you choose to spend your time is voluntary. Even if you’re locked up, your mind is still free. Your thoughts can never be imprisoned.


You need to step back and let life in. It can’t all be about work but must be about something else. It is good to have a work ethic but it can also be harmful if that is all there is. Remember your human aspects, your natural beauty and your valid needs.

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