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Letters To The Editor:

Dear Editor,

Usually I think of the SM Mirror as a more reliably progressive alternative to what I’ll call the Santa Monica Daily Argument, so I was a bit taken aback to see Breen’s cartoon on p. 8 (October 1-7) panning Michael Moore and his new film, Capitalism, A Love Story. Breen seems to think success in a capitalist system equals hypocrisy when you use your resources to speak against it. What better use of resources than on behalf of the many deceived, debased, devalued, and debilitated by the few Wall Street crooks who’ve rigged the system to their benefit, and would happily see us all delivered to deprivation for a buck. It pains to see your resources used to assault the messenger, rather than get the message.

Charles Fredricks

Santa Monica

* * * *

During the past week the city has been “pruning” the trees on 2nd and 4th streets. The operation should be called “butchery” instead. The canopy has been severely destroyed and the trees are half bare. Is this a continuation of last year’s debacle? The city continues to treat the living ecology with these acts of savagery and devil may care attitude. Destroy the trees, kill the squirrels and birds and what is next. There is money wasted everywhere except where it’s needed most. Wake up Santa Monica, your city is going to pot.

Herb Silverstein

Santa Monica

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