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Media: Ten Ways to Improve Grey’s Anatomy:

It’s a hard thing to admit at last, but the bitter truth is that ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy has become unwatchable. It jumped the shark back when Izzie and George began their awkward romance, which led to a downward spiral that the show never recovered from, ending ultimately in the departure of T.R. Knight.

Then there was the Derek and Meredith back and forth, eventually ending with the two having a “post-it wedding” and living happily ever after, so far. And there was the lesbian couple and the abrupt firing of Brooke Smith who played Dr. Hahn, and the sudden appearance of another, more “attractive” blonde played by Jessica Capshaw.

Everyone is coupled up; no one is looking for love. We’re supposed to be buying all of this? It is now almost impossible to watch the show. One must slog through so many useless moments while the characters ponder themselves and ponder themselves some more.

It looks like the other shoe has dropped at last. It is not going to be impossible to hoist it back onto the rails. All it will take is some firm resolve.

Here are ten ways to breath some life back into the fledgeling show. I can say with a fair amount of certainty that what they have left is nothing much at all.

1) Place a ban on emotional breakdowns by the doctors and interns. We don’t care about their teary revelations anymore, especially if they have to do with the death of George.

2) Let us cry again for the characters. That was the only reason to watch the show.

3) Fire Katherine Heigl. Izzie is going nowhere fast. The cancer, the marriage to Alex – it’s just not working. Heigl clearly wants off the show. Why not dump her and bring in another buxom actress who is just lucky to be there?

4) The therapy stuff doesn’t work at all. I’m glad to see Amy Madigan working but we don’t care enough about these characters anymore to watch them go through therapy. We have been their therapists for all of these seasons. The last thing we want to hear is more naval gazing mumbo jumbo.

5) Bring back Isaiah Washington. True, he used a homophobic slur against T.R. Knight. That makes him a great villain. There is no villain on the show; everyone has gone soft.

6) There should be a replacement for Kate Walsh. They need a classy beauty now that Izzie has her cancer garb on.

7) Break up Lexie and McSteamy. He is funnier as the hospital perv and she is better grinding in angst. The two together – dull as soup.

8) Alex needs to be doing more of everything, maybe even shirtless.

9) Take on the health care debate. I know it’s ABC and all but surely the hospital can start really talking about the lack of insurance for patients. They are going there a little but they need to go there a lot.

10) When in doubt, break out the hostage crisis plot. They are probably saving that one for sweeps.

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