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The Beach Gourmet: Flake: A Rosy Future?

Rose Avenue, on a Sunday morning, is popular as a thoroughfare for many a beachcomber on their way to the water. These wayfarers come in all shapes, all sizes and all appearing to display an air of indolent intent, as they look forward to a day of languid leisure by the ocean.

This past Sunday I made a point of visiting a fairly recent addition to the gastronomic grid of the Westside that a friend had advised was happening, and good. This breakfast and lunch eatery goes by the nomenclature of Flake, and I found myself feeling distinctly in harmony as I relaxed outside, enjoyed the beautiful morning clime with the drifting sun playing peek-a-boo in this “joining of the seasons” day, and piped music that included some eclectic pieces by Radiohead and The Beatles.

After arriving shortly after 11:00 a.m., and examining generous options of street parking spaces (a rare event in L.A.), I dismounted my motorcycle, and sauntered across the avenue. Flake, reflecting its name, is small, is sparsely furnished with small tables, includes a small counter from where to order, but boasts a menu that is generous, and speckled with a myriad of items that any dietician would be proud to prescribe. Their prices also clearly correspond to the definition of a “deal.”

The breakfast options include such creative titles as Bubba Basic (egg and American cheese, on an English muffin, $3.50), The Nutty Munkee (peanut butter, banana and your choice of honey, Nutella or old fashioned preserves on English muffin, $3.75), The Rad Muffin (egg, Blackforest ham and American cheese on an English muffin with their secret sauce, $4.50), and the dubiously titled The Fatty (smoked turkey breast, Swiss cheese and avocado, on toasted bagel, or croissant, served with their “secret sauce,” $6.50). They also offer a selection of specialties that include Sambazon Acai Bowl (frozen blended Acai with vegan hemp granola, topped with banana, $6.50) as well as a vast list of well-known breakfast cereals and toppings that range from $3.75 to about $6.00, depending on your choices.

As I sat at a table outside, watching the procession of hoi polloi, couples cruising with canines, and yoga mats, carried almost as declarations of privileged access to “the truth,” I had an urge for something substantial, something anti-hip, and something robust. The item that shouted, “I am here, I am here,” was the Burrito Felix-ito (Flake breakfast burrito with egg, bacon, cheese, salsa, $5.75), and I chose to substitute the bacon for the veggie sausage, for an extra buck. I also ordered an Americano coffee that turned out to be quite delightful indeed.

Service at Flake is friendly, casual, and accompanied by a genuine smile (always appreciated), and my burrito arrived in good form, and in good time. Served with a small bowl of lively green salsa, and sliced in half, this burrito looked, and tasted simple, and fresh. Thankfully, light on the cheese, it was a pleasant dining venture, with the veggie sausage certainly hitting the carnivore spot with ease. There also exists at Flake, a selection of sauces, that one can help oneself to, and so I chose to spice up my morning with an innocuous looking bottle, simply labeled Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. It was red, and it was hot, thank you!

I enjoyed Flake a lot, it certainly is a fun place to visit, and I am sure that I shall return. I had incidentally, that morning tentatively made plans for a guest to join me at the cafe, and, as well as welcome company, I would have had the opportunity to report on another dish, but sadly, she flaked (note to self: groan inducing lines like that can negatively affect the readers appetite!).

513 Rose Avenue.


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