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Transform Your Bath Into a Spa:

(Family Features) There’s no need to visit an expensive spa when it’s possible to transform a bathroom into a private oasis – without breaking the bank.

Start with a clean room. It will be difficult to relax surrounded by bath toys or old bars of soap. Next, address the ambiance in the room. A minimalist, monochromatic approach to décor will help soothe rattled nerves. Select a neutral paint color and add interesting materials such as wood, rattan or bamboo accessories to help warm the space.

“Lighting choices are an easy way to transform a simple bath into an inviting spa experience,” advises Mary Beth Gotti, a lighting expert with GE Consumer & Industrial. “A decorative light fixture suspended from the ceiling provides an elegant touch while adding extra light. If the room is too small for a suspended fixture,” she advises, ”choose a covered overhead fixture and add a dimmer to control the amount of light, as needed, allowing a softer light source when you soak in the tub.”

Unusual light sources like wall sconces, skylights and small lamps provide an unexpected touch. If replacing the main overhead fixture is not in the budget, adding a small table lamp with a lower-wattage light bulb on the vanity will give the softer lighting. Be sure to place them away from water sources.

Gotti offers some more lighting tips:

• Shaving, grooming, and applying makeup all require shadow-free lighting, so position light sources above and on either side of the mirror to eliminate shadows.

• Frosted globes bring a decorative touch that complements fixtures.

• Bulb selection is as important as choosing and placing the right fixture. To bring out subtle colors and patterns in the décor, try GE Reveal® bulbs, which filter out the dull yellow rays produced by standard incandescent bulbs.

• Recessed downlights rated for wet locations provide adequate light for tubs, showers and saunas. If the bathroom is connected to a large dressing area or closet, a recessed or surface-mounted closet light is suggested. “GE Reveal bulbs are a great choice here, as well,” notes Gotti, “so that you can see colors clearly and easily distinguish between navy and black hosiery or socks.”

To complete the spa experience

• Organize bath specialty items in a small over-the-tub rack or shower tower placed on the corner of the tub.

• Make a morning shower invigorating with the simple addition of a new massage showerhead.

• Splurge on some fluffy bath sheets; they are much larger than regular bath towels and easily wrap around your body

• Put the Do Not Disturb sign on the bathroom door and run the bath until it is a comfortably hot temperature. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils or bath gels. Step into the steaming tub, lean back on an inflatable bath pillow, enjoy some soothing music and relax.

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