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Alert: Police Blotter:

Bail Not Paid With Credit Card.

Wednesday, November 11, 8:59 p.m. A woman went shopping on the above date, and time, and in the process decided to enter a store called Zara, a fashion retailer that specializes in high-end clothing for men, women, and children. The woman purchased a number of items with a total value of $1,410.18. Nothing too strange about that, one might assume, but wait, the credit card that she used was forged! This woman managed to leave the store with the items before the clerk discovered that the card was fake. The clerk called the police and officers responded. The officers found the woman a short distance away and subsequently discovered the fraudulently purchased items in her vehicle. The woman, a black female aged 49, of Hawthorne, was arrested and charged with burglary, credit card forgery, and probation violation. She was not able to raise bail (what about a credit card?).

Comes Back On Smack.

Wednesday, November 11, 4:30 p.m. Officers went to the 1400 block of Ocean Avenue in order to investigate a domestic violence case. Firstly, let’s travel back in time one week to Wednesday, November 4 at 6:57 a.m., because that is the moment of origin for this incident. What happened on that day was that a woman at the same location (1400 block of Ocean Avenue) had called the cops, and told them that her “boyfriend” had entered her apartment at three o’clock in the morning, using a key that she did not know that he possessed. She woke up later in the morning and asked him to leave; this caused the “boyfriend” to become upset, so the woman called her mother to request that the mother call the building security office. The “boyfriend” reacted negatively to this and thus grabbed the phone and threw it causing it to break. He then pushed the woman to the ground. And when she tried to get up, he pushed her against a wall. He also threatened more violence upon her person. The “boyfriend” fled the scene before the cops got there. Fast forward a week, and again the cops were called to the same address for a second domestic violence call, but this time they got the “boyfriend,” and upon doing so suspected that he was intoxicated by heroin. The “boyfriend,” a white male, aged 20, was arrested for possession of a syringe, being under the influence of heroin, and domestic violence. Bail was set at $50,000.

“You’ve Abandoned Me (love don’t live here anymore).”

Thursday, November 12, 1:31 p.m. Officers went to the 200 block of Ocean Avenue in response to a stalking report. What they learned was that the suspect, a female Latino. bereft of a residence, had “filled in” as a housekeeper for the victim for a couple of weeks while the regular housekeeper was on vacation. When the regular housekeeper returned from vacation the “fill-in” was no longer wanted. The “fill-in” became upset upon learning the news that she was no longer wanted (abandonment issues perhaps?) and for a period of two weeks had followed the victim around (oh, you again?), culminating in threatening the victim, and another witness, with violence on the above date. The suspect was arrested for threats and her bail was set at $1,500,000.

(Once Again) “You’ve Abandoned Me (love don’t live here anymore).

Friday, November 13, 1:03 p.m. Officers went to the 2000 block of Santa Monica Boulevard in response to a report of threats. When they arrived the victim, who was the mother of two children that the suspect had fathered, told the cops that the suspect had threatened to kill her, and her two children, because she had refused to rekindle the (deep?) love that they had once had (?). She told the cops that the suspect had been making threats over a period of a week and that the threats had become increasingly violent. Officers went to the suspect’s residence, and arrested this black male, aged 35, for criminal threats. His bail was set at $50,000.

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