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Alert: Police Blotter: Santa Monica:

Mr. Chips on Lincoln

Tuesday, October 27, 10:40 p.m. Officers rushed to Bill’s Liquor, located at the 2200 block of Lincoln Boulevard because they had been alerted to a robbery. When they arrived, they spoke with the victim, who in this case was the manager of Bill’s. He told them that he had been stocking shelves when he heard the sound of a bag of chips being grabbed. Sensing that something fishy was going on, he went to see who it was that was grabbing chips. He then witnessed the suspect (a white male, aged 33) leave the store with the bag of chips in his hands. The manager followed him outside and confronted him about the chips. The suspect responded by adopting a fighting stance, and then verbally threatened the manager. The manager knew that the chips were down, and a physical altercation occurred, resulting in the suspect making a break for it. The chip bandit, from Lawndale, was detained a short distance away, arrested, and booked for robbery.

Five Charges on Lincoln

Wednesday, October 28, 10:22 p.m. Officers were on a routine patrol in the 2600 block of Lincoln Boulevard when they saw a guy riding a bicycle on the sidewalk, so, in the interests of upholding the law that prohibits cyclists from cycling on the sidewalk, they attempted to stop this man. As the officers approached this bicyclist he rode away;this happened a total of three times until the cops got ahead of this guy at which point he ditched the bike and started to run away. The officers chased this guy for about two blocks, at which point the guy turned, pulled out a knife, and threatened the cops with it. As is usually the case, the officers disarmed this guy without breaking a sweat, and arrested him, taking him downtown, and booking him for felony obstructing, threatening police officers, assault with a deadly weapon, possession of marijuana, and fugitive arrest warrant (but not for cycling on the sidewalk, curiously).

Woman Driver on Lincoln

Friday, October 30, 11:05 a.m. Officers were patrolling the area of the 2500 block of Lincoln Boulevard when they noticed a grey four door sedan that did not have any license plates. The officers passed the vehicle, going in the opposite direction, at which point this sedan sped off, traveling very, very fast! Officers made an emergency U-turn and tried to stop this car, but the driver continued to speed away. As this sedan approached the 2500 block of Alley 8 the driver stopped and began to leg-it away. The cops caught this black male, aged 45, a short distance away. The officers then returned to where the gray sedan was left, but low and behold it was gone! The officers learned that a white female, who had been a passenger in the car, had leapt into the drivers seat and driven away as they were chasing the other guy. The officers arrested the original driver for evading the police, obstruction of the police and parole violation. As for the woman, well, at the time of going to press, she is nowhere to be found.

“I’ll Be Blunt About This.” (Not on Lincoln)

Saturday, October 31, 4:18 p.m. Officers were requested to attend a local hospital in response to a domestic violence report. When they arrived they spoke to the victim, a man, who said that he had been chatting with his wife about when he was going to move out of their residence (a normal discussion between husband and wife?) when his wife had hit him with a blunt object (she objected?). This caused a bump over his right eye, and hence the hospital trip. His wife, aged 72, was arrested for spousal abuse.

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