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Bundy Village and Medical Park Project Draws Fire:

Stonehenge Holdings Incorporated is proposing to build an 11.5-acre project on two parcels that face both Olympic Boulevard and Bundy Drive, called Bundy Village and Medical Park.  The City of Santa Monica is deeply concerned that the project will increase traffic congestion in Santa Monica and on neighboring West Los Angeles streets.

The developer is proposing to build a mixed-use project which would be located at 1901, 1925, and 1933 South Bundy and 12333 Olympic Boulevard in the City of Los Angeles.  The project would consist of medical facilities, retail/commercial space, and market-rate and affordable senior housing residential units.  About forty percent of the project would be open and green space.

According to the developer’s website they have “conducted an extensive traffic analysis” and have developed a traffic enhancement program to benefit the surrounding community.  “Such improvements will include: installing additional left-turn lanes, creating an accessible curbside area to allow for easy access by medical patients, combining above- and below-ground parking to accommodate medical center patrons and employees, onsite resources for carpooling and vanpools, parking for car sharing services, and easy access to existing public transportation networks and future mass transit projects that will serve the Westside.” 

The project’s Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) notes that 15 out of 25 intersections within or bordering on the City of Santa Monica will suffer significant traffic impacts from the project.  Among them are intersection of Olympic Boulevard with 20th Street, Cloverfield Boulevard, 26th Street, Stewart Street, Centinela Avenue, and the intersection of Pico Boulevard with Cloverfield Boulevard, the I-10 Off-Ramp, Centinela Avenue, and 23rd Street.  The others are Colorado/Stewart Street, Centinela Avenue/I-10 Westbound On-Off-Ramps, Centinela Avenue/I-10 Eastbound Ramp, Ocean Park Boulevard/23rd Street and Ocean Park Boulevard/Centinela Avenue. 

In a June 2009 letter commenting on the project’s DEIR, Santa Monica’s Director of Planning and Community Development, Eileen Fogarty, stated that the City is not only concerned about the significant traffic impacts but is also concerned that the “proposed mitigation measures at the border intersections (with West Los Angeles) will deteriorate the built environment for pedestrians, transit riders and residents.”  Fogarty also questions, “whether there would be additional or more severe (traffic) impacts” from the project because the City of Santa Monica uses different traffic methodology measures and impact criteria than Los Angeles.  She also pointed out that two other intersections, Santa Monica Boulevard/Cloverfield Boulevard and Pico Boulevard/ Lincoln Boulevard were not listed as significantly impacted and would be under LADOT analysis for intersections.

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