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City Council on Cat Claws and Funerals:

At its Tuesday, Nov. 8 meeting, the Santa Monica City Council passed an ordinance banning the cat declawing processes onychectomy and flexor tendonectomy, because the procedures are “painful, cruel and dangerous to the cats and are very seldom medically necessary,” according to the ordinance wording.

An onychectomy is the traditional method for declawing. It is “akin to amputation in that it involves removing not just claws, but also bones, nerves, joint capsules, collateral ligaments and extensor and flexor tendons up to the joint,” reads the ordinance. The process “ is akin to cutting off the last joint of all ten fingers.”

The process has been banned or condemned by more than 20 European countries. The ordinance further reasons that the process robs cats of integral means of movement and defense, normal posture, normal walking and running. Consequently, the process inhibits cats’ instinctive impulse to climb, exercise, mark territory and leaves cats unable to defend themselves.

A flexor tendonectomy is a procedure in which cats’ toes are cut so that the claws cannot be extended and is also credited with depriving cats of normal abilities.

Lastly, the council’s ordinance reasoned that both processes are usually cosmetic in nature and since alternatives such as nail trimming and scratch post training are readily available to achieve the same ends, both processes are banned in Santa Monica, except when medically necessary.

The City Council also looked at the proposed increase of prices for services at Woodlawn Cemetery, following a city cost analysis which concluded that the cemetery was not fully recovering costs for services provided compared to other cemeteries in the local area market. The council did not arrive at a decision and directed staff to provide additional information.

The staff has already recommended the council adopt a resolution increasing cemetery prices for internment property, endowment care, cemetery services and established payment plans and discounts based on its developed 30-year business plan to achieve financial stability and increase the capacity of the cemetery.

As it reads now, the resolution proposes the following increases:


Grave $9,000 to $14,062*

Family Estate (4 spaces) $59,000*

Family Estate (6 spaces) $73,750*

Family Estate (8 spaces) $88,500*

Infant Grave $475*

Cremation Grave $3,000 to $4,500*

Cremation Memorial Bench Space $1,500*

Cremation Grave Multiple Interment $430.50


Private Mausoleum (includes lot space) $500,000 to $1,500,000*

Single Crypt $7,500 to $15,000*

The council did, however, approve an ordinance eliminating the Woodlawn Cemetery and Mausoleum’s residency requirement and authorizing rules and regulations for the management of the site.

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