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Color Trends For 2010:


Every year, certain colors capture the imagination and help sum up what’s stylish in home design.

“People are planning to live with their color choices longer,” says Behr Paints color expert Erika Woelfel. “Look for complex colors that refresh and add energy to your space. Many of the new neutral shades are complex and offer great versatility.”

Fashionable colors are found in four distinct themes: Farm House Craft, Dark Glamour, Artisan Voyage and Soft Structure. To envision the Farm House Craft look, think wildflowers overflowing on the table and herbed bread baking in the oven of your new country kitchen. Decorative embellishments are kept to a minimum while natural shapes and textures are highlighted. Colors such as Behr’s Clay Pebble serve as a comfortable background for the contrast of polished wood cabinetry and weathered barn timbers. Fresh and darkly muted greens recall spring grasses and ripe summer vegetables.

Decorative elements include hand-thrown pottery, pewter-copper-iron metals, natural dyed fabrics in cotton, and denim and kitchen herb gardens. The color palette includes Forest Ridge, Japanese Fern, Mocha Accent, and Wine Barrel, all inspired by lush fields, the weathered driftwood gray of reclaimed timbers and the browns of turned earth.

For Dark Glamour, think distinctly elegant with masculine overtones. Smudged Black Suede adds a dramatic edge while peacock and wineberry shades beguile. Mirrored surfaces reflect dazzling crystals while lush floral arrangements soften the austerity. Skyscraper silhouettes and black and white cityscapes add a touch of romantic nostalgia, and accessories include Machine Age inventions such as typewriters, Edison phonographs and electric fans, velvety textures, steamer trunks and reflective surfaces. Paint shades are Thermal Spring, Dark Granite and Deep Garnet, inspired by Art Deco ornamentation and sleek ocean liners.

Cultural influences and natural elements meet in the look known as Artisan Voyage. Exotic energy comes from the use of hothouse flowers and geometric grillwork motifs. Flea market oddities and old world paraphernalia create eclectic flair when mixed with an assortment of modern furnishings. Vivid colors include Glowing Firelight, Empress Teal, Status Bronze, Chlorophyll and Soulful Music. Decorative elements include Bohemian glass, colorful rugs and throws, basket weaves and antique books.

The strong lines of Soft Structure are softened by circles, paisleys and shaggy textures. The relaxed nature of this style encourages a playful approach to coordinating decor. The energy of bright yellow and cerulean Royal Peacock blue pair well with the soothing Porpoise gray and creamy Frost white. Whimsical elements such as ceramic animals, embossed metals and artful accent pieces add youthful appeal. Large scale graphics on walls and fabrics, circular furnishings with rounded edges, nubby wool rugs and crocheted knits are featured.

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