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Farmers’ Market Report: Meet Your Farmer:

Who: David West of Clearwater Farms

 What: Wild Mushrooms.  A wild mushroom is any mushroom that cannot be cultivated, such as Porcini, Chanterelle, and Morel.  Wild mushrooms grow at the mercy of nature and seasonality.  They need just enough rain, but not too much, and just the right temperature.  Chanterelles, which are in season now, grow under conifer and deciduous trees.  Chanterelles need three to four inches of rain before they grow, then they stay in the moist ground so they do not dry out.  Temperatures in the fifties to sixties during the day and low forties at night are ideal for Chanterelles.   A crop will stop growing and end all together if there is a freeze or if temperatures get too warm or too dry.

 Truffles need cold weather to ripen and will be arriving at the Market before Thanksgiving.  Black truffles come first and white truffles will be in season around Christmas.

 Why: David has a passion for wild, seasonal, and limited production foods.  He enjoys the Farmers Markets because he gets to be outdoors and meet interesting people.  He believes that wild mushrooms transcend socio-economic boundaries; all kinds of people share a common love for wild mushrooms.  You can find David and Clearwater Farms at the Wednesday and Saturday Downtown Santa Monica Farmers Markets.

Contact Darra Adler, 310.458.8712x.2, darra.adler@smgov.net

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