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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


One way to improve your life greatly is to practice saying “let the chips fall where they may.” There are so many aspects of your life that are beyond your control. Stressing them only adds tension and damage to your nervous system. The chips scatter and that is all.


The weight is too intense for you r­­­ight now. You need someone else to pick up the slack. This might mean being rude and direct as you do it but the truth must be told. All we really have to give in this life comes from the heart.


Going for broke will help you take the big risks at the right moment. This is something you can only do every so often before you run out of options. You have managed to somehow bounce back when the chips were down. Count yourself lucky.


Another road, another relationship, another door, another lock and another key. It’s a treasure hunt. Look for breadcrumb trails There aren’t too many escape hatches but know where they are for when the going gets tough. Fear is a matter of perspective.


Your wishes can come true. The trick is working hard and getting organized. The chaos is standing in your way. Once it’s all removed and put in its rightful place, a whole new world will open up. You will be astounded at how fast it all goes.


This is the end of something but it is the beginning too. The truth of it is, life is hard. It’s hard up one side and down the other. It isn’t any easier across the natural world. Once we accept this basic fact, every day feels like a gift. And every day is a gift.


You have a soft side, just when you thought you didn’t. Certain parts of us are resistant to softening up. We think that by being rigid we can somehow protect ourselves. Probably this isn’t right, although it’s possible. Keeping yourself vulnerable is important too.


You will imagine yourself somewhere else and eventually you will get there. Do not begrudge the ones who have nothing left to give. They are doing what they can do. A little bit of warmth from them is a big deal. The smaller the effort, the more you should notice and praise.


You aren’t ready to let go just yet. There are still many memories and tokens you can’t get rid of. This is what makes you feel connected to your past, and in so doing, connected with yourself. Don’t be too unforgiving. Allow yourself to hold on longer.


This isn’t the first time you’ve decided to move ahead with your own plans without consulting others. Why should you, really. You are old enough to make your own decisions. It’s kind of important to see that the intentions of others are coming from a good place. Gently but firmly set a boundary.


Only once in a while you overstep your bounds. Most of the time you are respectful and generous with your kindness. Sometimes your criticisms can be too harsh. The more people care what you think, the more hurt they will be by what you think. Make the distinction.


You’ve gotten through rough times before and you’ll get through them again. Don’t let the stress of success pull you into a negative place. It isn’t worth it. Pretend that everything is okay and that there isn’t anything to worry about. Maybe pretending will make it feel real.­­­

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