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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


This is the week that everything changed. Figure out how to maneuver out of a tight spot. You can’t express yourself any better than you have been. Don’t let someone you know bully you into doing what you don’t feel right about. Be inspired to make a change.


Do you have any way around your predicament? Try making things up if you don’t have all of the answers. Pretend like you’re a success and maybe you will be one. You have been doing the same thing for so long that you have worn a groove.


You feel aches and pains where your happiness should be. Why does it seem like everything is such a struggle? Why can’t it be easier? You see people doing things you’ve already done and you are tempted to derail them. Probably not a good idea.


Keep reminding yourself that perfection is not attainable. It isn’t realistic and it isn’t even real. You aren’t going to jump just yet. You still have a much longer wait before your name is called. It’s just becoming frustrating lately.


This has happened before. You went about it the same way as you’ve always done but this time something significant shifted. It’s going to be your tough luck finding out what’s going wrong. There is someone out to make you stumble. That person is going to pay dearly, unfortunately.


This is supposed to be a much happier time. You are hindered by a lot of little things going wrong at the same time. One of your gifts is your ability to let go when something isn’t quite right. There are danger zones that you don’t want to cross.


On anther day it might have been easier to hear what you heard. But you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and things got kind of out of hand. You are blessed in ways you can’t even realize yet. It’s a good time to take stock in those.


Time isn’t going to fix this. Unfortunately you are in a period of great dissatisfaction. That is going to always make things feel like a constantly moving car, something that never stands still. Believe all you want but proof is going to get you there.


Reconnecting with old friends brings you some discomfort. You are happily going about your business but something has definitely disrupted your peace. It is a time to stop forgetting, to get organized and stop wasting precious moments.


Don’t believe everything you hear but at the same time be open to the suggestions of others. You have in inadvertently hurt those who most wanted to help you. You have made it more difficult on yourself not because you didn’t try but because you tried too hard.


You are feeling too crowded with all that’s all going on in your life. A different life is calling out your name. Will you ever get there? It’s very hard to say. There are just too make connections, too many roots dug in deep. It’s not going to be easy pulling those up and replanting them.


You are feeling it from all sides lately. Some people want this from you, others want that – you can’t satisfy everyone and it’s looking less and less likely you can satisfy yourself. Don’t go overboard giving this year. Make sure you think ahead and plan accordingly.

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