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Indulge in “Me-Time” for a Smooth Holiday:

(Family Features) The holiday season is the perfect time to relax and enjoy spending time with family and friends. Unfortunately, for many of us, the joys of holiday celebrations often get lost in a flurry of gift shopping, cleaning, decorating, cooking and entertaining. With ever-growing to-do lists, finding time to enjoy the holidays can be difficult. In fact, a recent survey by Lindt, a premium chocolate confectioner, found the majority of women agree they could use more “me-time,” especially after a holiday gathering with friends and family.

While you rush to buy gifts for loved ones and prepare for festive parties, keep in mind indulging in “me-time” can actually provide some much-needed benefits. Coupling daily chores with moments of relaxation can help improve your mood and relieve tension. In fact, 77 percent of women found taking a momentary breather helps give them an energy boost, making it easier to tackle the growing list of daily tasks during the holidays.

With hectic schedules fast approaching, how do you find a moment to yourself? Taking an hour or more to relax during the day can be unrealistic; however, almost two out of three women admit indulging in premium chocolate, like Lindor Truffles, can give them a moment of “me-time.” Taking time for yourself, even for only a few minutes, can make a big difference, especially when trying to avoid the strains of everyday life. As you go through your to-do list, keep in mind these tips from Lindt that will help make this holiday season a smooth one.

• Holiday shopping can be enjoyable. As you think about the perfect gift for others, don’t forget to think about yourself. While shopping, pick up a small, delicious treat to keep you going through the day.

• Finding the perfect present can be made simpler by choosing gifts that are elegant and ready-to-give. You can even use the time you save on gift wrapping to do something for yourself.

• If you do need to gift wrap your presents, turn this tedious task into the perfect time to rejuvenate. Put on relaxing music, get comfortable and treat yourself with your favorite Lindor Truffle.

• When running holiday errands, try to plan ahead, consolidate trips and remember to factor in some “me-time” when you get home. Put your feet up and enjoy an indulgence or a cup of tea or coffee to reward your holiday efforts.

• You can’t get through the holidays without spending a day or two in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a chore. Add some fun by inviting friends over to bake together and take the pressure off. Try rolling Lindor Truffles in chocolate followed by powdered sugar, coconut shavings or nuts for a simple and elegant way to personalize holiday desserts.

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