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JUNIOR JOURNAL: Stresses of Seniors Going to College:

Year after year, a new senior class emerges and takes on the daunting task of college applications, numerous AP classes, and finalizing graduation requirements along with maintaining their involvement in extra curricular activities. People always tell high school students that senior year is supposed to be the most enjoyable. My only question is, how?We have been in school for a little over a month now and already seniors all over campus are panicking about everything school-related. As if the loads of homework for our high school level classes we have is not enough, college application stress has kicked in. Those students wishing to apply early decision to their dream schools have a month or less to write their essays, get letters of recommendations, and send in their applications. Both the Cal-State and UC campuses’ applications are due Nov. 30. Farewell social life and sleep, it was nice knowing you.Colleges are extremely impacted and suffering from excessive budget cuts, which in turn means they’re going to be even more selective. Now, we really have to step it up. It’s a scary time to be a college-bound high school senior. In every conversation, you hear questions like “Where are you applying?” and What’s your GPA?” instead of “Hey, what are you doing this weekend?”As the under-eye bags, messy hair, and pajama bottoms become increasingly common among our fellow seniors, these are just a testimony to the intensity of our “to-do lists.” Luckily for us, we just so happen to be applying to colleges amidst the worst recession since the Great Depression. Surely, this doesn’t make things any easier on us.When asked how she felt about senior year, Olivia Gauthier said, “ It makes me question every aspect of my life and causes me a lot of anxiety, but somehow I still enjoy it.”I get it. Students are competitive, and colleges want the best at their institutions, but at what expense? It is virtually impossible to balance schoolwork with a social life without giving up sleep. Well, I guess at least we will be well prepared for college, even though we’re driving ourselves crazy now.Junior Journal is a section in the Mirror where local area High School student’s work is published. For questions or concerns regarding this section, please contact the Managing Editor, Christopher Rosacker atchris@smmirror.com or call 310.577.6507 ext. 124

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