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Letters to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

As a proud parent of one of the players on the Iron Wolves AYSO soccer team I want to applaud the Santa Monica Mirror for showcasing the tenacious, never-give-up spirit of our boys in the story entitled “AYSO Iron Wolves Stem Losing Streak.” As we all know it can be discouraging for our children to lose week after week and heart-breaking to overhear them muttering under their breath “We Suck” after yet another loss. While the AYSO emphasizes skill-building and team-spirit over competition, it is only natural for our kids to crave the sweet taste of victory. This story is a welcome reminder to us all – be it on the soccer field or off – that the most important lesson is to never give up – no matter what – and the only time we truly lose is when we stop trying. I want to express my gratitude to Dave Quick for writing this piece – my son was so excited to have his efforts recognized in print that he told me he wants to sign up for soccer again next season saying, “You never know Mom, maybe next year will be the year we win!”

Elaine Wittert

Santa Monica, Ca

Dear Santa Monica Mirror Editor and Readers,

On Sunday, 10/25/09, 27 members– of the Conejo Valley Food Allergy Support Group (CVFASG) joined numerous other walkers who participated in the FAAN Walk for Food Allergies, Moving Toward a Cure, in Santa Monica, California. 13 of the CVFASG walkers were young children from our local community who either suffer from severe, potentially life-threatening food allergies, or are friends or family members of those with severe food allergies.

The 27 member team from the Conejo Valley Food Allergy Support Group raised over $2,200.00 for FAAN (The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network). These funds were donated on behalf of our walkers in order to help FAAN continue its efforts in raising public awareness, providing advocacy and education, and advancing research on behalf of all those affected by food allergies and anaphylaxis. Hopefully, some day soon, this research will lead to a cure for severe food allergies.

The FAAN Walk was a success in many ways. Most importantly, it helped the children with severe food allergies to see so many other children with food allergies just like them-see all of the friends/family who support them-be part of helping to find a cure someday!

One of the most touching moments of the walk was when a little boy with multiple food allergies said to me, “This is really great — when I see all these kids here with food allergies, I don’t feel like I’m the only one.”

Thank you to the city of Santa Monica for hosting this very important event!

Noel Russo

­­Food Allergy Support Group

Dear Editor,

I am amazed that our local press, and our local community activists, including me, had heard nothing, until now, about this incident reported on in this past Sunday’s Los Angeles Times. Buzzing of Santa Monica Pier leads to questions about aviation safety, by Dan Weikel November 8, 2009: is an informative article that brings to light significant weaknesses in the FAA’s procedures with regard to aviation safety. I am amazed that after 9/11, how an incident like this could happen. Have we learned nothing?

Martin Rubin

Director Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution

Dear Editor,

As a Santa Monica resident of over 15 years I regularly visit Downtown and Third Street Promenade in order to enjoy the many wonderful facilities and attractions that our city offers. However, the city is considering drastically raising the parking rates both in the lots and on the meters. I am concerned that while the city wants to encourage the use of public transport and bicycles, it is unfair to penalise the many residents who like to use our city but find that the transport system currently available is just not efficient enough to make a trip by bus to downtown feasable.

I live off Pico and having tried the bus system, I can honestly say that it invariably takes 30-40 minutes, including waiting time, to travel the few short miles to Third Street, not to mention struggling with a two year old, and a five year old (clearly riding a bicycle is out). Until the city improves the bus system, isn’t there a way whereupon local residents are given a discount on these proposed increases so that people like myself are not unfairly penalised? I for one, will be tempted to spend more shopping time in Westwood, as it takes less time to drive, and parking is relatively cheap, compared to these proposed Santa Monica rates.

Geraldine Herschberge – resident

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