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Thanksgiving Trivia:

1.) Thanksgiving is celebrated only in the United States: True or False?

2.) The First Department store to hold a Thanksgiving Parade was…

3.) What is the name of the rock credited with where the Pilgrims landed?

4.) Thanksgiving became a national holiday thanks to this woman, who was an editor of a Women’s Magazine called, “The Godey’s Lady’s Book”

5.) Which President was the first to establish Thanksgiving as a national holiday to be held on the fourth Thursday of November?

6.) The Term “Cornucopia” means what?

7.) The first Thanksgiving in 1621 was believed to have lasted how many days?

8.) Every year the President of the US pardons a turkey and it goes to a public farm known as Frying Pan Park, in Herndon Va. Which President is believed to be the first to start this annual tradition?

9.) The busiest travel day of the year in the US is…?

10.) Turkeys can drown if they look up in the rain: True or False?

11.) Of the original 102 Pilgrims that came, how many were believed to have survived to celebrate the first Thanksgiving?

12.) Which of the following was approved table manners at the first Thanksgiving?

a.) To eat with your hands

b.) To spit on the floor

c.) To throw bones in the hearth when done eating

d.) All of the above

Scroll down for the answers

1.) False, Canada also celebrates Thanksgiving Day

2.) Gimbel’s Department Store in 1920

3.) Plymouth Rock

4.) Sarah Hale (1788-1879) who hand-wrote letters to Congress for years to establish Thanksgiving

5.) Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a bill in Congress making Thanksgiving the Fourth Thursday of Every November.

6.) Horn of Plenty

7.) 3 days

8.) President Harry Truman in 1947

9.) The day after Thanksgiving

10.) True

11.) It is thought that 50% of the Pilgrims survived to celebrate Thanksgiving

12.) d. all of the above.

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