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Council Member McKeown Ties the Knot:

City Council member Kevin McKeown and Genise Schnitman wed in county cambers in Norwalk, Monday afternoon, December 7, 2009.

Schnitman, who will be keeping her own name, and McKeown have been in a relationship for three years. Both of them being highly active in local politics, they two met working on the steering committee for Santa Monica Renter’s Rights, but began their relation after she had work on his 2006 reelection campaign.

“By the end, we realized we had fallen in love,” said McKeown Tuesday afternoon to the Mirror.

The couple enjoyed a brief and “colorful” engagement, lasting the entire drive from getting their marriage license to Norwalk via the freeway. It was about an hour in length.

Both natives of New York, Schnitman from Long Island and McKeown from Mount Vernon, the two have lived in Santa Monica for more than 25 years respectively.

Known among coworkers and friends for their adoration of one another, McKeown said he was often teased by City Manager Lamont Ewell for “lighting up” every time Schnitman attended a Council meeting.

“Everybody is thrilled and nobody is surprised,” said McKeown.

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