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Farmers Market Report: Meet Your Farmer:

Who: Phil McGrath of McGrath Family Farms

Where: 20 acres in Camarillo (you can see the Farm from the 101 Freeway – look for the green farmhouse).

What: Phil is a fifth generation farmer and his family has been farming in California since 1894. His farm has been certified organic since 1995 and McGrath Farms rotates what they grow, planting three acres with forty different crops every month. Camarillo is a coastal region with a temperate climate. In the coming weeks look for broccoli, cauliflower, English peas, and a variety of winter greens including mustard, dandelion, and collards. Phil reminds us to shop with our noses – never just use your eyes when buying produce.

Why: Phil is very passionate about community food security and a strong supporter of sustainable farming and local direct marketing. He believes the food you consume should be grown within one hundred miles of where you live. According to Phil, the Santa Monica Farmers Market is the center of his universe in Los Angeles every Wednesday!

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