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Farmers’ Market Report: Meet Your Farmer

Who: Sam Woolley of Sugar Bush Proteas

Where: 30 acres in Valley Center, CA in San Diego County

What: The Woolley family has been farming for the past 30-40 years and used to raise free range cattle and pigs in Colorado.  Six years ago they moved to California and bought a protea farm in Valley Center from one of the first protea growers and continued to plant exotic varieties of proteas.   Proteas are prehistoric and one of the oldest blooming flowers.  They only grow in a handful of places, including Australia, South Africa, Israel, Hawaii, and around San Diego.  The name ‘protea’ comes from Proteus who, in Greek mythology, changed shapes.  Proteas also regularly cross pollenate into new varieties.  Proteas are easy to care for and very long lasting – usually about three weeks if you change the water every few days.  As Sam says, “they thrive on neglect”. 

Why: Sam enjoys meeting new people, seeing regular customers, and making new friends at the Farmers Markets.  Stop by Sugarbush’s stand for strikingly beautiful cut flowers and bouquets.  Around the holidays they also make the most incredible wreaths.  You can find them at Saturday Downtown, Wednesday, and Sunday (during the holidays) Markets.

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