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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


It is easy to find the misery in things. It’s much work to find the joy. You will get peace. It will be slow going for a while but eventually the agendas of others and the backstabbing will just not seem that much more important anymore.


What once seemed profound to you now seems kind of trivial. Life has a way of filtering out the stuff that has momentary energy. You must know that what really has the juice is the stuff that lasts longer than you ever expected it would.


Organizing your time better, and in a more realistic fashion, has improved your scores and made things a lot easier to digest. The stuff that is overwhelming must be chipped away at, starting from one corner and working your way through.


You have to slow down. Things and friendships and relationships are getting kind of lost in the shuffle. It’s time to take it down a notch or two and get yourself fixed up. Don’t redo, just polish. Make sure no one is listening when you pray.


You must know that what you say carries great weight. It isn’t a case of just a few words telling a story – it’s so much more than that. Take some time to think about your soul, the weight of it, the importance of it, its place in the world. How are you treating it lately?


You are unfortunately the recipient of tragic family patterns that have been passed down from one person to the next. You know that you need to make the buck stop and you must do this before it’s too late. That kind of poison must be transported.


You feel a good amount of relief when the pressure is lifted. It has been a long time coming. Change is never easy, and you must grease the wheels to keep it running efficiently. But one step up this time. Good on you for bracing for impact and then letting it fly.


You must just pretend as though you know what you are doing when you feel like you’re in over your head. Time is required to make things happen and that is the thing you are all out of. It’s all on you. You are strong, though. Your foundation is solid.


Hit a person where they live, why don’t you. You are gifted with the ability to see who people really are. Try to figure out if that means it’s all in your head or if there is a reality to the situation. You feel happy that there are kind people willing to tell you the truth when you’re wrong.


You wish for a way out of the muck but you know there isn’t any easy way out. For now you have to play by the rules. In the future you will figure out which ones can be broken. Life is a balance of things. You are only as good as your spine is strong.


You learn from others that you can sometimes be right and sometimes be wrong. If you are ever wrong, find it in your heart to say you’re sorry. It will go a long way in keeping you peaceful inside. You are frustrated with the way people are typecasting you.


It has been a tough week, that’s for sure. Some weeks, it feels like you can fly. Other weeks, you know you can’t move forward because someone is always there to grab at your heels and drag you back. Hang on, you are strong enough to withstand it.

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