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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Take your time with the various sorts of people vying for your attention lately. Not every question requires an immediate answer. Also, don’t take out your aggression on clerks, even if they are rude to you. They are hoping to get a reaction, so if you just pretend to be polite they will feel shame.


It’s been a long road back down. Getting back on the stick has been the hardest part. You will fall back into familiar patterns but will always count on the same people who will always come through for you. Gifts will find their way to the right person. Don’t stress too much.


You must try to navigate the difficult personalities surrounding you. Pleasing them all is an impossibility. Best not to aim for perfection. Offer yourself up when the time is right. You can’t kill yourself working so hard. You must save some for what’s left. Respect will come in due time.


You return to what’s familiar, but also what nourishes rather than what takes away. You’re grateful for the healthy partitions in your life. You never did like it much when worlds collided. It’s better if you can be different people when needed. Luck is on your side.


Your temper has gotten you into trouble more often lately, probably because of the ease of communication of the modern world. The same rules still apply – politeness is still at a premium. You are going on a treasure hunt but it’s with people this time. Good things still to come.


You can move through dimensions. The rules can be broken in the simplest of ways in order to find yourself floating. Magic is a state of mind. When you accept that reality is what you say it is you really can do anything. Think about lifting off the “t” of can’t.


You want to share so much with everyone that it’s driving you to communicate. That’s good but you’ll probably have to be certain that your message is loud and clear. It’s only the beginning of the long battle. Choose your sides and then try to be diplomatic.


Jealousy threatens to eat away at the edges. You are only capable of really pulling back when necessary. In all other ways you want to push forward, through the bad thoughts. The wiring in your brain tells you so. But you can rewire it on your own, with the right kind of determination.


Opportunities present themselves but are quickly lost if not captured and appreciated. You can see that there are many things open to you. Don’t listen to one person who seeks to take down what you have and what you want to express. A good ear is essential right now.


There are times to be warriors and times to stand back and not take on someone else’s war. You are not being selfish if you are thinking of yourself. Fight the urge to give everything over. It is not yours to lose; you share these things with others.


The calm before the storm is giving you time to get ready. But don’t be fooled by the lull. You know that any time now you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and get busy. What is right in front of you is what matters most.


You have worked hard and thus, your singular vision has led you to where you are now. That determination has paid off. Now you just have to readjust and change your life so that others respect you the way you wish to be respected.

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