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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Nothing went exactly as planned last week but it didn’t seem to bother you that much. Listen when someone feels it necessary to give you information you don’t want to hear. You never want to be the one everyone dreads showing up. Put on a happy face.


In the beginning things were far more complex than they are now. Things have gotten very simple very quickly. What you think you know isn’t exactly correct. Someone is desperate to tell you the truth but doesn’t have the courage. Make it easy on them. You go first.


You are feeling lots of frustration lately and don’t quite know why. It is a good time to practice release strategies. What makes you feel better that doesn’t damage your health? Why not take the first step and make it happen? Never feel shame for going there.


The other one is never as fun as the one you really want. You are stuck somewhere between who you used to be and who you now are. Becoming who you are means giving up who you were and who wants to do that? But the time has come to reinvent. Cut a path.


Every time you look around you see people you used to know. There is much melancholy in your heart over whom you’ve let go. Life is about moving forward, not glancing black. You see trouble coming from a mile away and you do your best to avoid it. Good move.


You wonder why there are still things that aren’t quite working in your life and they seem to pop up all of the time. You don’t want to argue with anyone and you don’t want to cause problems but there is a need to air out conflicts, whether it’s comfortable or not.


You look around and you see all of the great things that you have had a part in creating. You also have to deal with people who don’t want you to move forward. Jealousy and resentment builds and suddenly you have enemies. Your success will make people feel worse about their own failures.


You aren’t too worried about how things will turn out because you’ve done a good job laying the groundwork. The only person you’re going to hurt is yourself if you continue to shortchange yourself when it comes to love. Demand more.


You have to worry when things don’t come together because everything is going smoothly right now. When you have your priorities straight you’ll know you’re headed in the right direction. But you have to give things up to get stuff back over the long haul.


You are dealing with too much frustration right now and it is making you crazy. Now you have to go back to square one. Sometimes we have to tumble back to square one no matter where we are in life. Life is about being a beginner.


You will be asking the questions that don’t have answers. But that shouldn’t stop you from asking them. People are ready to give up because they don’t get the exact right answer they’re hoping for. Step back, take a deep breath and begin anew.


You are driven and that is bringing you the things you’ve always wanted. You can’t be too careful, though, in making sure you are also getting the best things in life that don’t include working so hard. On the other hand, you make good use of your time, and that is never a bad thing.

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