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Letters to the Editor:

Dear Mr. Stajich:

As owner of a small aircraft based at the city’s historical (and beloved, by the way in more circles than you may be aware) may I illuminate some of the controversy surrounding the airport.

For many years large aircraft were built at KSMO. Then Douglas moved away and the era of corporate jets began..

As you say, the mix is 10% jets.

Your publication has run roughshod about the airport. How about the 90% of little people who take flying lessons and operate airplanes mostly as a better form of transportation.

It is we who are struggling to preserve the mother airport.

I am attaching a letter that I am disseminating concerning the offensive jets.

A moment’s thought will make one realize that they are as paintbrushes are to paint.

The real villain is the antiquated fuel they burn. See enclosure.

This should be the focus of letters to one’s representatives. A boutique fuel similar to California’s with particulate mitigating additives should be approved by the FAA.

This and not jet aircraft, are the problem.

How many hours have you spent at our fine airport? Have you talked to people in the pilot’s lounge or at the several flying schools?

Your reporters have published only the (perceived) negative aspects of our fine community airport, which is no more or less typical of airports all around the country.

Something needs to be done about the jet fuel to eliminate the particulate problem

Conceptually, Jet-A is a very close cousin to diesel fuel.

So why should the combustion of this fuel produce intolerable particulates when diesel is tolerated all over our vast urban area?

I think I have found the reason and how it could be changed for the better.

Again, see enclosure,

And how about sending a reporter to KSMO to interview its users?

And your “rich Guy” allusion is a slap at a lot of the hundreds of small aircraft owners who own or operate at KSMO. The average aircraft in this group costs about as much as, say, a Lexus, and the insurance is cheaper.

Flying out of KSMO is a manifestation of the reality that, without good urban rail service, it is the only way to get out of town quickly.

Walter Davie

Mar Vista

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