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Money Management Program Assists Seniors:

The struggle to stay on top of increasing paperwork combined with failing health and eyesight, memory loss, physical limitations, transportation difficulties, and/or changes in social supports, can leave some older adults feeling overwhelmed and unable to effectively manage their financial activities. The Personal Money Management Program at WISE & Healthy Aging assists seniors to manage these tasks.

The Personal Money Management Program is designed to assist seniors to maintain the highest possible level of independence at home as well as prevent the risks of financial exploitation and undue influence. The program utilizes professional staff and highly trained volunteers to assist seniors who need help with general tasks such as:

•Sorting and filing incoming mail

•Organizing a system for prompt bill paying

•Assist with check writing

•Balance checkbooks and maintain organization of bank records

• Issues with insurance, medical bills and other related concerns

•Be a liaison between clients, their families, and community resources

Peggy, a 91-year-old Money Management client says, “I do some of my finances on my own but my eyes were getting so bad, I needed help, so once a month Polina (case manager at WISE & Healthy Aging) and I get together and go over my papers. I now have a file for organizing my bills that I never had before.” She continued, “It is a great help, I recommend it to anyone that is having trouble keeping up.”

WISE & Healthy Aging is also designated by the Social Security Administration to manage the monthly benefits of beneficiaries. The Representative Payee Program is necessary when an individual is no longer able to properly manage his/her own financial affairs but is not entirely incapacitated. Representative Payee clients will receive regular in-home monthly visits for the purpose of monitoring the overall quality of life and care, to ensure needs are being met, and to report any concerns or areas that require immediate attention.

Fees for the Personal Money Management are based on a sliding scale. WISE & Healthy Aging is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers. The Personal Money Management program does not act as accountants, financial advisors or attorneys. For more information on WISE & Healthy Aging Personal Money Management Services, please call 310.394.9871 ext. 238.

WISE & Healthy Aging, a nonprofit, social services organization, enhances the independence, dignity and quality of life of older adults through leadership, advocacy and innovative services.

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