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Movie Filmed Over Santa Monica:

Many residents of Santa Monica and the surrounding areas who looked in the sky Tuesday afternoon saw military helicopters engaged in what looked like combat flight procedures. But with the right kind of eyes (or binoculars), they saw shooting stars in broad daylight.

On December 15, 2009, between noon and 3 p.m., three Marine Corp CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters flew over the City of Santa Monica. The three helicopters were filmed in flight by an A-Star helicopter as part of a scene for an upcoming movie entitled Battle: Los Angeles – a Sony Pictures Entertainment production – the plot of which involves a Marine platoon that faces off against an alien invasion in Los Angeles.

IMDB lists the movie as directed by Jonathan Liebesman, who also directed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and several other horror films. IMDB also lists Aaron Eckhart and Bridget Moynahan among the more notable actors starring in Battle: Los Angeles. It is scheduled for a 2011 release.

The helicopters were to fly in a Southeastern direction, starting from the Pier area and proceed toward the Santa Monica Airport, where they were to briefly land and then depart toward the West. Those who who were watching saw them circle the area more than once.

They were reported to to have flown at approximately 900 to 1000 feet above the ground until commencing their descent to the Airport – which occured over the business park area, just north of the facility – but again, those who witnessed the routines saw more than one fly-over.

Even though this is a movie shoot, it still falls under the Department of Defense jurisdiction which precludes the City from restricting the activity.

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