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Santa Monica Youth Football Crowned Champions:

The Pacific Coast Youth Football Conference crowned the Santa Monica Vikings Youth Football Mitey-Mite Team its 2009 Champion as the 8 and 9 year old Vikings team won the Super Bowl at Downey High School on Saturday November 28. The squad, comprised of 31 young men from Santa Monica, defeated The Twin Cities Wolverines by a score of 18-0. This was the ninth shut out of the team�s 12-0 season.

“It was a big day for them,” coach De Andre� Parks said. “They really enjoyed it. This was a goal of ours when the season started and they really worked hard – they saw it through to the end and they stuck with it.”

While the league, which features 170 children in grades K-8, teaches the basics of football, Parks said it also teaches the kids discipline, time management, conflict resolution, study skills and a love for the game. The program touts an academic component that has empirically proven that kids grades actually improve during football season.

Having the opportunity to play competitively and earn the chance to play in the playoffs gives the players the chance to learn another lesson.

“Everybody wants to win,” Parks said. “That desire to win is important, especially in football.”

Leila Sedighan, who heads up the youth league, said that the fan support of the six teams has been phenomenal.

“The parents have been great,” he said. “There were some games for the little kids that there were more fans than you see at high school games.”

Four of the Six Santa Monica Teams won their respective Championships this year.

The local teams were supported by a variety of businesses again this season, including a benefit sponsored by the Kramer Sports.

The Mitey-Mites outscored opponents 342 to 28 over the 12 game season. The team will compete in the PCC�s Jr. Rose Bowl Tournament later this week and will face teams from Arizona, Santa Barbara, and Nevada.

It is important to note that three other divisions won the championship as well on Saturday. It was a good day for SMYF&C. I cc�d the league President on this email.

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