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The Beach Gourmet: Broadway Deli: Deli-ghtful:

A good friend recently called me and said that she was visiting town, and would love to meet me for breakfast, well, not one to turn down the most deli-ghtful of company I immediately jumped at the chance, and inquired as to her preferred choice of venue, to which, without a moments hesitation, she emphatically suggested Broadway Deli in downtown Santa Monica, on Third Street Promenade, at Broadway, of course.

It was a bright and breezy early Saturday morning as I waited for Michaela to arrive. The Third Street Promenade cleaners were preparing the famous walk street for the expected hordes, a few pigeons helped them with their task, and early risers trickled by, glad of the freedom to walk unimpeded by throngs of shoppers. Michaela bounded across the street and we entered, what is a very pleasing to the eye restaurant, replete with booths, and a very long dining counter. A table by the window was the order of the day and the tint blinds that I soon pulled down easily tempered the sharpness of the sunlight.

Menus were then furnished, coffee orders taken and we chatted gaily, whilst all the time scanning the breakfast section of the menu, that appeared to be more “diner-deli,” than the style that New York purists describe as deli. However, it is extensive, with a complete array of beverages, and some teasingly attractive sounding dishes and bargain combinations.

So, being on a budget (no expense account for these lowly hacks!), we were drawn to the combination plates (served with a choice of coffee, iced tea, or hot tea included), and unfortunately for the variety quota of this report, both had a strong desire for the Smoked Salmon Scramble (salmon scrambled with onions with a choice of fruit cup, or hash browns, and served with toast or bagel $11.75), so we ordered a pair, one with hash browns (for myself), and the other with the fruit bowl.

Deli-very was brisk, and presentation smart. The portions were generous, with nicely scrambled eggs with onion and slithers of salmon mixed in to create a deli-cately seasoned, and fresh tasting dish that we both found to be satisfying and deli-cious.

Broadway Deli is a very pleasant place to enjoy a languid breakfast, for sure, with its beautiful interior, spaciousness, perfect location, and, from our experience, a great meal at a great price.

1457 Third St. Promenade, 310.451.0616

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