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Alert: Police Blotter:

Highway Robbery

Tuesday, January 5, 4:45 p.m. Officers went to the area of the 2400 block of Santa Monica Boulevard because of a report of a strongarm robbery. When they got there the victim told the officers that this guy had accused him of damaging his vehicle. The guy then tried to take the victim’s wallet out of the back pocket of his pants whilst demanding $200 in cash. A struggle ensued, with the result that the victim fell to the ground. Another person then intervened on the victim’s behalf, and this caused the suspect to flee. A third person saw the suspect get into a car and drive off, and this person had the good sense, and an even better sense of civic responsibility, to write down the license plate number of the car. Officers traced the address that this car was registered to and went there. The suspect admitted being at the scene of the crime, and this was enough for the cops to spirit him off to jail, and subsequently charge this 24-year-old of Santa Monica resident, with attempted robbery, with bail set at fifty grand.

Coffee Break

Wednesday, January 6, 3:10 p.m. Officers went to the Starbuck’s Coffee at the corner of Third Street Promenade and Wilshire Boulevard in order to investigate a fight. Upon arrival, the victim (an employee) told the cops that the suspect (a 47-year-old transient) had entered the Starbuck’s and immediately began yelling at customers. The victim thus approached this guy and requested that he depart without further ado. The guy responded by hitting the victim (hence his status as “the victim”) and then running away. The cops found this man a short distance away, and after the victim had placed him under citizen’s arrest, took him off to jail, whereupon he was charged with battery upon a person. Bail: $20,000.

E Pluribus Unum

Friday, January 10, 2:11 p.m. The area of 14th Street and Santa Monica Boulevard. A Fight! This was the call the officers heard on their radio on the above date, at the above time, and at the above location, so they went there. When they arrived, they went to the alley behind the business known as 14 Below, and saw a victim upon the ground and in a fetal position, whilst a group of many men punched and kicked him. The officers attempted to stop this, and as they did, a suspect with blood on his clothes made a run for it. The cops made a run after him, and eventually got him. They took him to jail, where this guy gave false information about himself (“I am an anger management counselor”), but the cops weren’t fooled, and charged this 20-year-old from Montebello with giving false information, probation violation, and resisting arrest. Bail: $20K.

Roommate (Not) Wanted

Saturday, January 9, 12:55 a.m. Officers went to the 2200 block of Yale Street because of a criminal threat, and spoke to the victim who stated that his temporary (very temporary after this, one assumes) roommate had threatened him with a knife. Not only had he done this, but he had also called him names, and was drunk! The victim had then left the residence in order to “relax.” When he returned, the roommate threatened to “cut him up,” and then pushed him. An altercation resulted, with the victim managing to knock the knife out of the roommate’s hand, whereupon the victim left and called the cops. The cops then spoke with the suspect, and the victim enacted the proverbial citizen’s arrest which gave the cops the power to take the th32-year-old roomate to jail for 1) criminal threats, 2) assault, 3) battery, and 4) brandishing a knife. Bail: $50,000.

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