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Alert: Police Blotter:

What’s That Thing Between Your Legs?

Tuesday, January 12, 10:27 p.m. Officers conducted a traffic stop in the area of 20th Street and Virginia Avenue for a Vehicle Code violation. During this stop, the cops noticed that the passenger in the car was an individual who had fled from the police earlier that day. They also noticed something else, a thing between his legs. They looked more closely, and identified this thing as a novelty baseball bat. It was smaller than the regular version. This 19-year-old man was arrested for possession of the potentially dangerous weapon found between his legs, and on a probation violation. He was not eligible for bail.

Damned If She Did, Damned If She Didn’t

Wednesday, January 13, 5:14 p.m. Officers were on patrol in the 1300 block of Alley 7 when they came across a woman whom they identified as someone known to be a local enthusiastic illegal narcotics connoisseur. They spoke to this woman, who, not surprisingly, did not follow their suggestions. The officers approached, and as they did, they noticed that, through an attempt at sleight of hand, she concealed an item in her bag. The woman walked towards the officers, but continued to listen to their ideas with an air of obvious irreverence, and then decided that it would be a brilliant idea to become physically resistive in regard to the continued verbal requests by the officers. The result: the cops arrested her for interfering with police officers. When they all arrived at the jail, the officers, smelling a rat (and possibly something else?), showed this dastardly deft-handed dope diva the sign that informed the public about the law regarding the illegality of bringing narcotic contraband into a jail. The woman told the cops that she did not possess anything that would contravene this regulation (not using those exact words, one would assume), but the cops searched her and discovered a hypodermic needle concealed in her sweater. This 44-year-old of Santa Monicanwas thus was booked for bringing drug paraphernalia into the jail, obstruction of police officers duties, possession of a hypodermic needle, and probation violation. Her bail is $25,000.

Cardboard Cut-It-Out

Thursday, January 14, 5:40 p.m. Officers went to the 900 block of Wilshire Boulevard regarding a disturbance. Upon arrival they were flagged down by a witness, who then pointed them in the direction of a man and a woman who were involved in an argument. The officers investigated and discovered that these two people had met earlier that day. The man (suspect) had invited the woman (victim) to enjoy the experience of lying down on a piece of cardboard with him. The woman had declined this offer. The suspect then grabbed the victim and attempted to kiss her, and also place his hands down her pants. The victim was able to flag down an individual who was walking by, and as a result, get the suspect to stop these unwanted advances. Officers were able to detain the suspect. The suspect, a 43-year-old transient in Santa Monica, was arrested for attempted rape by force or fear, assault to commit rape, and violation of parole. He was not eligible for bail.

Two Bottles of Booze

Saturday, January 16, 3:29 p.m. Officers went to the Albertson’s store in the 2600 block of Lincoln Boulevard regarding a suspected thief who was in custody. When they got there, the loss prevention agent at the store told them what had happened. The 45-year-old, Santa Monica man, had entered the store, gone to the liquor aisle, removed two bottles of alcohol valued at $45.99 each, –and put them in his jacket. The store personnel then asked this guy what he was up to. Realizing he was busted, he handed the bottles back to them and began to exit the store. The employees detained him until the cops arrived. He told the cops that he was going to sell the the booze in order to feed his family. Nevertheless, he was arrested for burglary, Bail: $20K.

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