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Community News Briefs:

Food Truck Lot Closed by City

After one day of opening a specific location for food truck vendors to congregate for the masses, it was closed due to no official action to inform the city about the plan or deal with land use rules.

The vacant old car lot, at Santa Monica Boulevard and 14 Street was opened Monday, and shut down Tuesday morning due to a cease and desist order from City Hall Code Enforcement Officers. Reports from organizers said that on Monday, the first day, 1,200 people showed up after hearing about it via the social networking site, “Twitter”.

It was reported that the next day at lunch many hopeful customers scanned the once flourishing corner of food trucks to find nothing.

British Teen Found in Santa Monica After Reported Missing

A British teenager, Leona Dawn Perryman was found in Santa Monica after being reported missing December 18. She was reported missing by her boyfriend, Paul Atkinson, and soon thereafter Atkinson went missing himself. Atkinson was arrested for weapons charges after being sighted from a local due to news coverage on the situation.

Sergeant Jay Trisler from SMPD said officers received a tip-off to Miss Perryman’s whereabouts and she was found in Venice, near Santa Monica.

Santa Monica Red Cross extends electronics recycling drive

The American Red Cross of Santa Monica is collecting old electronics — stereos, television sets, telephones, computers, and more — at the Santa Monica Red Cross Chapter, 1450 11th Street (at Broadway) weekdays from nine to five through the end of March, 2010.

Consumer electronic recyclables will be collected for a three month period in association with Coastal E-Waste, a private electronic waste management company based in Chatsworth, CA. A portion of the proceeds obtained from the electronic recycling drive will benefit Santa Monica Red Cross disaster preparedness and emergency relief programs.

State law prohibits disposing old and used electronics, including batteries, in the trash. Electronic items including electronic office equipment must be disposed of properly and that includes recycling. Items that can be recycled include CRT monitors and television sets, regular and cellular telephones, phone answering machines, cell phones, and accessories.

Stereo equipment including loudspeakers, tape and cassette players ands recorders, DVD and VCR players, computers and computer peripherals, scanners and fax machines, batteries, printer cartridges, audio and video tapes and floppy discs are all recyclable.

The Santa Monica Red Cross and Coastal E-Waste suggest that personal files and data be erased from hard drives of any computers, cell phones and phone answering devices turned in for recycling to assure protection of your privacy and prevent identification theft.

For additional information or to inquire about other Red Cross programs or assistance call 310.394.3773 or go online at

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