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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Take the beauty with the problematic. You see deeply within the spirit of people and sometimes it is too much to take. This is a wonderful ride. But you have to slow it down when it starts to go too fast. A change is coming and everyone around can sense it.


Your loss will be someone else’s gain. Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives and are only meant to be there for a short time. It is perhaps because we don’t own them and therefore have no right to make them stay. They come and go as needed, flutter in and out. But you drew them in the first place. Beautiful you.


Nothing has ­­­been as hard for you as what you’ve had to go through this year. How this will shape who you will become is still a question mark. But what you do know is that you have so much to offer now. Go where you are most wanted.


You must realize that what’s on the inside will match what is on the outside when you start matching them yourself. What you feel about your health and your well being shows up. So see if there is a way to generate some interest in what you want to sell.


You were surprised when you first had an encounter. Now you’re even more surprised that things went down exactly as you predicted they would. You’ll never be able to remove yourself from the thick of it. You just have to do your best and hope that all turns out okay.


Just as soon as the awkwardness is off the table, it’s time to really buckle down and make some progress. You have to worry that there is still enough left over to put back into the machine. It can’t run on good faith alone. Take advantage of the harmony you’ll experience this week.


It is impossible to please everyone. It’s impossible to make people see things your way. You have no recourse but to pull back. Don’t give away what you need too much for yourself. Growth is coming by the boatloads. It is a revolution.


Sometimes the answers come easily. Other times, it’s just a big muddy. Nothing seems clear. Everyone else has a superficial agenda. The world is half of the time a place you don’t understand, and half of the time, the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. It’s a time for opposites.


You have a sense of beginnings and endings. You started almost exactly where you’re finishing. But look at how much has changed. You’re a new person. You’ve figured out how to grow up in many ways. And what an awakening. Now you must get comfortable in your own skin again.


Putting off the inevitable isn’t going to help you anyway. It’s better to just deal with reality head on. You must stop living in a fantasy world because your own life is suffering. You are neglecting people who matter to you because it doesn’t feel good. So let’s just accept what is.


The world is never going to be the same after you’re done with it. You have a good head on your shoulders and a bright mind. You only have to stop doubting what you can do and start just taking leaps. You will be the one who will be your own hero.


You can’t take everything on. You have to do less and have harmony with your schedule, which is almost torture as it is. You will be able to get some relief in the coming weeks when a great resource swoops in to help out. You have nothing to fear but damaging your insides with too much stress..

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