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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Look out your window and what do you see? Then look inside and what do you see? You surround yourself with what defines you. Who you are is what you can tolerate. Do not trash up yourself. Fight to be released from this. Make your outer world match your inner world.


You have ideas a-plenty. Just be careful that you don’t overboard with your wishing. You can get caught up in what you can get without paying attention to whether or not you need it. Most of the time, you don’t. The bare necessities will make you see clearly.


Your frustration with a certain person is only going to increase. You worry that what you’re doing isn’t enough. You yearn for the past. But find yourself grateful that so much has been given to you. you can hardly believe it sometimes. You have worked for it. And that is the best part.


When life gets the best of you, perhaps it’s time to quit. Find an escape route that will get you in lots of trouble. You know, within limits. But how nice to just check out for a day. Step onto the other side and see what the wild life is like. This might mean breaking your diet or blasting music from the stereo and annoying the neighbors.


Changes are hard to accept. Things are so much better when they are predictable. Disappointment can sometimes follow change, which is why we resist it. But let it be. Let it be because you have no choice. Life will move in its own direction.


There are glimpses that still catch your heart. You wonder what that’s about. Are you longing for something or someone you don’t have? Are you yearning for something just out of reach? Is that part of the fun? The sunshine is a good way to cure yourself of broken-record syndrome. Get out and enjoy it.


The more you see, the less you know. You really do see more question marks. But you don’t really have the luxury of playing dumb; others seek out your expertise so you have to at least know how to fake it if you can’t deliver. And you are great at faking it. Pretty soon you will know what you’re doing.


Patches of memory make up your emotional quilt. You carry this little square with you, and that little square to remind you of lost love, the passing of a dear friend, the time you laughed yourself silly – it’s all there. Wrap it around you when you feel blue. Your wonderful life will keep you warm.


You have to stop allowing a certain someone to be weak. You can’t keep enabling their irresponsible lifestyle. You have to draw the line. You aren’t doing them any favors. You are holding them back. When it hurts your heart to not give, just remember that they need to stand on their own two feet.


You tread into territory of unforgivable acts. You know if you go through with a certain idea you risk losing a valuable friend. This may or may not be what you want. Probably you’re hoping for a diplomatic resolution. Why is the future seem so troublesome? It’s an adventure. Take a ride on it.


You list ways you can’t believe your luck. This is a good exercise to get your brain into the right frame of mind to receive positivity. Repeat the good things that happened. And don’t let the bad things crowd the day. This is not a cheap ploy – it is necessary.

PISCESYou are down to the nitty gritty. And it’s time to stop making excuses and start getting rid of stuff. You can live very simply and, in fact, you must. But every day you are grateful for just waking up healthy. Keep on the path you’re on. You’re headed in the right direction.

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