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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Venture forth and start taking advantage of all of the pleasures life affords. We live in a time where there are so many great things we could never get ahold of before. Now there are a great many of them and they’re everywhere. Enjoy these gifts.


You are advised-out. You can’t stand any more people giving you advice about things that don’t matter. You can stop them from tormenting you by saying, “I know your heart is in the right place but for now, I’m doing fine.” That will stop them from launching into lecture mode.


You can’t change people’s minds about how you work. You can only seek change for yourself. Glow from within and take this commitment today to start doing things in a healthy way. You are blessed five times over. An argument causes some friction in an otherwise harmonious set-up.


The blind leading the blind is what it’s beginning to feel like. Can you find the ones who can lead full charge and know exactly where he or she is going? Be careful how you give over your own power. Don’t follow those who don’t yet know where they’re going. It will be a trap.


The future is looking promising for a certain business venture. You must figure out how best to approach the research. Talk to the people who have been down this road before, both the successful ones and the failures. Information is key. You might discover that you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


There isn’t another substitute for your love and devotion. To think that you can so easily be replaced is to undervalue all that you are. You are going to be the joy and glory for the lucky ones who invest in you. You can count your chickens before they hatch, however. Wait patiently until enough time has passed.


This isn’t going to be the only way you have to solve your problems. You can think outside the box too. Everyone else is bragging that they have it all figured out. But guess what, they don’t. It’s just that it makes feel like they do when they talk about stuff. Determination can also be defined as stubbornness.


In some ways, your worst fears will be realized when the truth dawns on you. That is last step before total enlightenment, however. And you have bits of clarity every day, and those bits increase as time goes on. You feel happy that all is well in love and art.


The passage of time sometimes startles you. You think it’s moving slowly and then all at once you realize how much of it has just slipped away. Be careful how you make yourself happy. Are you content with what you’re getting or are you seeking out other forms of satisfaction?


Lost and found, that’s the theme this week. Lost things, lost people, lost memories, lost love. But when you start to find them again it is like rebirth. There is so much beauty in this world and you are about to get a healthy dose of it. Be wise about the future. Don’t let anything hold you back.


Take care of the things you have control over. Step back and allow the other things to just be. Whole dimensions are waiting to be uncovered by you. The negative stuff might just drift away. Blessings come every day. We can be grateful for all that we have. The more we give, the better.


Stress overload at the moment is eased by nurturing your inner self. Nurture from the inside out. If you are hungry, be fed. If you are tired, sleep. If you are thirsty, drink. Keep the poison out of your body and you will feel youthful. Focus is on health and well being.

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