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Letters to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

RE: Remembering Ken Genser

There is no individual that I can think of who exemplified such dedication, hard work, knowledge, and flexibility as our great City of Santa Monica’s longest-serving public official Ken Genser.

I have known Ken and his wonderful sister Harriet for nearly 30 years. Ken was an activist, an appointed Commissioner,a many-times elected City Council Member and a truly amazing person who always persevered even through ongoing medical challenges.

We strongly disagreed on very few issues, but then again I sometimes even disagree with myself. I’ll miss his sense of humor also. Ken always kidded me in a good-natured manner about my always wearing shorts. I’m sure Ken wouldn’t mind that I’ll be attending his 1:30 p.m. public memorial on January 24 at Barnum Hall wearing my best shorts. I can only imagine that Ken’s memorial will be tear-and -laughter-filled, and a special day of remembrance and dignity for a truly dignified human being.

– Jerry Rubin

Dear Editor,

I hope that in mourning one of the City’s best servants (may Ken Genser rest in the peace he truly deserves) Santa Monica citizens do not forget that their City purposely neglected to be open with them regarding the prolonged absence of their mayor.

I can understand why, in the 10 weeks leading up to Genser’s death, the City wanted to protect his privacy. Unfortunately, he was an elected official and subject to the scrutiny of an public figure and therefore the City should have been honest instead of letting wild speculation run rampant.

– Damian Peterson

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