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Letters to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

This past Sunday I attended the memorial service for Mayor Ken Genser, which was moving, humorous, sad and generally let everyone there share his life as it was shared by speaker after speaker.

However, I took umbrage to some of the words of former councilmember Kelly Olsen, who we know held a vigil at Genser’s bedside. To say that his dying wish was to have Patricia Hoffman as his replacement on the council and say it repeatedly was in poor taste at this gathering. This is America and we elect our public officials or in the case of our fair city, sometimes appoint them. Let us hope that the City Council take the right path in filling the vacancy and not do it out of empathy for we all mourn Genser’s passing. May he rest in peace.

Herb Silverstein, Santa Monica

Dear Editor,

Today I went to Santa Monica to shop on Wilshire Boulevard. The meters were very expensive, but I filled mine for 27 minutes, because the parking lots around the Promenade are so time consuming. Unfortunately, when I checked my watch, 30 minutes had lapsed. I ran out to my car to find a $50 ticket! That’s a lot of money for such a small mistake.

After this incident, I have vowed not to shop in Santa Monica again, unless I absolutely have to. I wonder how many other frustrated people have made the same decision I have and if merchants realize that they are losing business becuase of the unfriendly nature of Santa Monica’s parking situation?

Gayley Vaghn

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