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Recycling On Main Street:

LYNNE BRONSTEIN, Mirror Contributing Writer

Lately, Santa Monica residents and visitors in the Ocean Park area may have noticed bright blue containers on the sidewalks of Main Street next to the regular trash containers. In a new recycling program instituted on December 21, these bins are designed for the recycling of cans, plastics, and glass. Each bin contains a single access aperture surrounded by rubber flaps through which recyclables can be inserted.

Wes Thompson, Recycling Coordinator for the City’s Solid Waste Division, explained to the Mirror that these new bins are a pilot program “to see if the containers are needed” in the area (Main Street south of Ocean Park Boulevard). The Solid Waste Division will be checking the contents collected to verify that what is being disposed of is truly recyclable. Although the City provides recycling drop-off centers and collects recyclables from containers outside residences, the Main Street bins are an attempt “to get people to recycle on the go.” The area of Main Street between Ocean Park Boulevard and Marine Street was chosen because of the busy foot traffic on that part of the popular shopping street.

Thompson says the program will continue “probably for six months. We’ll keep our eyes open.” After that, if the bins seem to be having success with the public, they will be installed permanently on Main Street.

For more information on the Pilot Recycling Bin Program, call the Solid Waste Division’s Customer Service line at 310.458.2223.

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