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The Beach Gourmet: Lula’s: Revamped!

Lula’s Cocina Mexicana on Main Street has been a primo choice for anyone desirous of cool Mexican cuisine in a colorful arena. Lula’s also features the most extensive selection of Tequila brands this side of a Mexico.

Lula’s Cocina Mexicana has recently seen a revamp of its bar and menu, and now boasts an amazing collection of artwork by such respected Chicano artists as Eloy Torrez, George Yepes, Carlos Almaraz, and Frank Romero. The menu has also been honed and includes some delicious brunch, lunch, and dinner dishes like Mexican torte, baja fish yacos, and cochinita pibil (Yucatan) pork roasted with achiote seeds, orange juice and Mexican spices served on banana leaves with sliced avocado, tomato, onion and pickled red onions, and coctel de camarones.

On my recent visit I chose a quite delightful sshrimp ceviche tostada (bay shrimp, red onion, lime juice, cilantro, jalapeño & avocado on a crispy corn tortilla $10.25) as a starter, and a mole negro oaxaqueno (chicken in a sweet black highly complex mole aauce and served with white rice & corn tortillas $16.25), while my companion ordered a echuga de pollo (chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese, topped with jalapeño pepper jelly glaze $15.25).

It didn’t take long for the Shrimp ceviche tostada to arrive and with a good presentation, tender shrimp, super fresh flavors, and slivers of avocado it certainly hit the spot and prepared my palate for the follow-up splendidly. The entrees were really special, and one of the things that struck us both was the obvious attention paid to detail and presentation. The chicken pieces in my Mole Negro Oaxaqueno were delicately sliced, and the sauce something of a journey on a mystery train of taste, albeit a very pleasant one. The Echuga De Pollo was equally splendid, tender chicken breast, soft and creamy goat cheese, and a zingy jalapeno pepper jelly glaze that added a uniquely subtle gift of flavor to an already delightful dish.

The new bar at Lula’s Cocina Mexicana is now more open and spacious, and with over 300 choices of that most memorable of Mexican libations with which to imbibe, is sure to satisfy even the most tenacious of tequila-tasting tipplers. The patio at the back of the restaurant is also a fresh and sea breezy environment in which to dine, drink, or both, particularly on a balmy summer’s day.

The changes at Lula’s Cocina Mexicana have done nothing to degrade its traditional charm, but have added a fresh brush of color, in many ways, to what was already a very attractive canvas. Aclamaciones!

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