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Big Blue Bus Community Meetings

January 21, 6-8pm, free, Montana Branch Library, 1704 Montana Ave., 310.481.7559.

January 25, 6-8pm, free, Fairview Branch Library, 2101 Ocean Park Blvd., 310.481.7559.

January 30, 2-4pm, free, Main Library, 601 Santa Monica Blvd., 310.458.8600.

Big Blue Bus employees will be on hand to discuss changes in service including a bus stop redevelopment program, a proposed fare restructure proposal, redevelopment of the Tide Ride, the agency’s new proposed website, and the new hybrid buses joining the fleet this year.

The Seventh Seal

January 28, 3pm, free

MLK Jr. Auditorium, Santa Monica Main Library

601 Santa Monica Blvd., 310.458.8600.

Endlessly discussed by cinemaphiles, often parodied (search YouTube), this classic film by Ingmar Bergman explores the meaning of life and death via a story of a medieval knight who plays a game of chess with the hooded figure of Death.

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