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Cat Scratch Fever

Wednesday, January 20, 1:00 a.m. Officers received a domestic violence report at the 1400 block of 10th Street. When officers arrived, they heard the sound of a male and female arguing (“don’t you touch me you…” etc.). Officers spoke with the victim, in this case the male, and learned that they had been to a local establishment (probably not a pet store) and the resulting dispute was over jealousy (as Tom Jones famously sang, “It’s not unusual…”). Both exited the building, but had continued the argument. The woman then scratched the man with her fingernails (claws?) resulting in abrasions to his face. They then took a cab back to their residence. The cops deemed that the woman was the primary aggressor, and so arrested her, and took her to jail, where she was charged with inflicting injury of a cohabitant. Her bail is $50,000.


Saturday, January 23, 8:37 p.m. Officers went to the CVS store, located at the 2500 block of Santa Monica Boulevard, in response to a petty theft in progress. When they arrived they spoke with the witness, who said that a suspicious-looking person had entered the store, and confirmed the witness’s suspicions of this person being a suspicious person, by acting suspiciously. The witness told the cops that this suspicious-looking person had entered the store earlier that day, and taken items and fled, but had suspiciously returned again. The witness stated that this suspicious person had again taken items and put them in his pockets. When officers approached this suspect, they invited him to exit the store, whereupon they found that he was in possession of a dagger (suspicious?) under his jacket, as well as suspicion-confirming items from the store in his pockets. After all the witness’s suspicions had been confirmed, the officers arrested this transient, suspected of being 34 years old, and charged him for carrying concealed dirk or dagger and probation violation. His bail: $20,000.

Brick or Rock?

On January 222 at 11:23 p.m. officers responded to the area of 16th and Colorado regarding a fight in progress.

Upon arrival officers observed a victim laying in the street unconscious as a result of being struck in the head with a possible brick or stone. Witnesses pointed to possible suspects walking away from the location. When officers attempted to approach the suspect, he fled, but was caught.

The altercation started as an argument and ended as an assault. One of the suspects, while fighting with one of the victims, used a rock or brick and struck the victim in the head. The second victim (one laying in the street) was struck by an unknown object.

The 19-year-old Santa Monica suspect was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, probation violation, obstructing justice, public intoxication and gang enhancement (is that all?) Bail was $30,000.

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