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Alert: Police Blotter:

Purse, Gun, Car, Cops, Arrest.

Sunday, February 14, 11:41 a.m. Officers went to the area of 5th Street and California in response to a theft report. When they arrived they learned what had happened, and here’s how it went: A woman was walking down the street when the suspect, a man, approached her from behind and grabbed her purse. After obtaining possession of said purse the man ran between two apartment buildings. A witness (female) had watched this occurrence, and being a good citizen, followed the purse grabber. When the grabber noticed that the witness was following him, he produced a gun. The witness stopped following (wise), but did observe the purse grabbing, gun yielding man enter an automobile and drive off. The witness was able to gather information about this guy, and the automobile, that was helpful to the officers (make of automobile, color, license plate etc.). Based upon this information, the cops undertook further investigation, and eventually located this guy, and arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, and parole violation. He was not eligible for bail.

Non-Domestic Dispute

Saturday, February 20, 6:47 p.m. Officers responded to the 1500 block of 4th Street because of yet another domestic dispute. However, when they arrived, they located the suspects and discovered that it was not a domestic dispute, but a regular dispute. As the cops were chatting with one of these suspects they observed that he was very, very drunk (how can you tell?). This chap became belligerent, and then decided that it might be a cool idea to threaten the police, so he did, and the police did what they typically do when confronted by such foolish behavior, they arrested him. He was taken “downtown,” and charged with public intoxication, obstruction of police duties, and probation violation.

Let The Games Begin.

Saturday, February 20, 3:19 p.m. Officers went to Sears on the 300 block of Colorado Boulevard to investigate the crime of theft. When they arrived they learned that three people had entered Sears, and proceeded to take items (a comforter and espresso machine) and then perform the act of deception that involved convincing the staff that these items had been previously purchased, and that this trio of thieving tricksters were returning them for a refund. The suspects were given gift cards as a refund, which they then used to purchase video games. They then left the store. At this point they left Sears, and were probably feeling pretty good about their cunning crime, and perhaps looking forward to going home to play their newly acquired games. However, Sears staff had known about the scam all along, and so for these three, the (real) game was up! They were detained outside, brought back into the store, and the cops subsequently arrested them for conspiracy and burglary. Their bail is $20,000.00. (One could purchase a fair amount of comforters, espresso machines, and video games for that amount of money, methinks).

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