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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Your journey starts now. Believe that you can take steps forward without tripping over your own self-doubt. You’re looking forward to another change that will be happening in your own life, even though it seems like everyone else is enjoying change and you have to stay the same. There are some nice gifts headed your way.


Another long drama has wiped you out emotionally. But you did get a big break when you find out that what you’ve suspected all along has turned out to be true. These things are possible. Technology and humanity just have to catch up. Do not take yourself off the list.


You haven’t yet left the ground since your ship took off. The days have been coming around slowly and the nights even more slowly. Time passes not quickly enough. You feel free and that is what matters. Don’t rush what isn’t moving beyond its usual pace.


You are having a hard time fighting with people and you can’t keep doing it or it will tear you apart. As it stands you don’t have to do anything more than what you’re doing. You have been sentenced and now all you have to do is serve your time. It won’t be that bad and it’s almost over.


You can’t be a burden to others. There aren’t many ways you can push forth the motivations of others. That isn’t really your job. You are much more inclined to push your own agenda. Your first priority has to be to protect yourself. If you invested time into your own projects you would make progress.


People haven’t asked much of you lately. You’re going to have to start being more available. You don’t have the right relationships either. What is causing friction in your heart will be relieved by expression to the right person.


You haven’t been able to do what needs to be done because you’ve been chasing your own tail. Does this mean things have gotten better or that things have gotten worse? You’re not going to get very far by debating the same points. You’ll just have to live and let live.


You have fond memories that come back like waves. That nostalgia is hard to get rid of. But it fills us up in places we’ve long since forgotten about. You feel too much suffering around the world and on some days, though others may never sense it, it gets to be almost too much. You can do thing to help.


You feel yourself wrestling with envious thoughts. Those thoughts can sometimes be motivating. Other times they can really drive you crazy and send you into a tailspin of frustration. Believe in your ability to do anything you set your mind to do. Watch, look, and listen.


You have hot and cold mood swings lately and they’re confusing people who are close to you. They anticipate your mood and that is just the wrong thing to do when you yourself don’t know how you’re feeling. Your despair will turn into something lovely.


It isn’t going to be easy to wash away your sorrow. But it’s going to be a good week for you. You have much to be grateful for. You are thankful that someone let you go. You can’t keep holding on and at some point it can do some serious damage.


You have made some poor decisions lately but you’re putting things back on track. You should never count your enemies as your friends. You can’t trust most people. You can only trust yourself. So far, though, you get a good grade at holding it all together and working hard.

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