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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


In the earlier days things were much lighter. There was less pressure and more time. More pressure and less time leads to zoning out. You want to make sure you get out of the groove once in a while. Break free of convention and experiment.


This is another dimension for you. Once you evolved along with technology you have discovered that there is so much more opportunity for someone like you who might not have had the chance to communicate with a broader audience. Now you can so take advantage of it.


You get flustered when it’s time to put things in perspective. You forgot to leave something behind when you decided to walk out. You should always leave something of yourself for others to remember you by. You are such a gift to so many and that makes the difference in how they remember you.


There have been too many passages, too few advances. You see the road clearly and the distance up ahead is full of conflicting visuals. What might be a door could really be a wall. What might be a path might be a dead end. Watch how it all plays out. You are blessed in the here and now.


Just when you thought you couldn’t figure out anything more, you go ahead and make another leap forward. Be wary of how people toy with your emotions, though. Don’t leave them with any openings. Keep your wits about you, especially where business deals are concerned.


You have taken what was a singular vision and turned it into a shared experience. Why do you still like to flirt with the line? You see it, you know you can’t extend it. Do what is required of you and don’t worry so much about your feelings of dread.


You will be focused intently on communication. The back and forth, to and fro – it’s all going to be between you and your closest friends and companions. You have a story to tell and now is the best time to tell it. You thought things were fading out but truthfully, they are just beginning.


You are getting an idea of how it’s all going to go down. This makes you kind of happy but it also makes you fearful. What if you overstepped your bounds? What if you aren’t really ready? You are going to have so much left over.


This is another chapter in your book. Think about it that way. This is the middle of the crisis that will drive the plot in an interesting direction. No one has the market cornered on being the cool subject of a novel, but you’ve somehow managed it. You’re the protagonist of your life. Seek out your objective.


You see conflict and frustration where there isn’t any. You are having to reach longer and farther than ever. You are also going to have to confront your fears. Things that used to work in the past don’t work so well now. Rely on trustworthy advice-givers.


You think you can’t really stand it but the truth is you have stood it this long. You can stand it a bit longer. Can you hold out for the best things life has in store? Waiting is hard. Rushing through something without getting the true value from it is life-wrecking.


Your strength is becoming more concentrated. You are less distracted, more focused. You are really kind of, sort of getting this “life thing” down. Just a few more bold tightenings and you will be a better functioning machine. Work on breaking free of your past patterns.

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