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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


It’s been a long road for you but you’ve come out the other side. You see that there is a need for some things — and you can’t fulfill those needs, which is driving you a bit crazy. On the other hand, what more can you do? At some point you have to be willing to walk away.


This is a time for reconnecting. You feel a part of something bigger than yourself. The breakthroughs are few and far between. You haven’t been able to solve the one problem that keeps haunting you this year. What matters most to you is what you should answer immediately.


You have conflicting feelings about someone you’ve gotten close to. You know it comes at the expense of someone you know really well. You worry that you can’t quite make the connection again. You keep reaching. Don’t let yourself ever stop reaching.


This is a week where you must be creative come what may. It is easy to forget about everything. It is much harder to stay present and see what is happening around you all of the time. Everyone is here now and that is a little freaky.


You have to overcome your own bitterness and inclination to make profound statements that cross boundaries and hurt feelings of other people. Life is absolute in some ways. You notice how absolute it can be and you have to turn off the part of you that cares. Move beyond.


Embrace the changes that have been coming along so far. You might feel inclined to resist because it’s not what you’re familiar with. It’s better, despite the squeaky wheel you keep hearing behind you. Just push it on through. Pat yourself on the back for your efforts.


The beginning came too late. You are now in the best part of the story and all you want to do is going back to the start. You have the kind of momentary happiness that drives you to make positive changes in your life. Feelgood moments that turn your whole world around.


You feel some sort of symbiosis with an unlikely person. Opposites attract for a reason. You are so close to finding the right one — but it may break hearts along the way. Just remember you are like a breeze flowing past people and they want to feel you as long as they can.


Some days you feel better than other days. Remember to take care of yourself and not let the stresses of the economy take its toll on you. You are certain that nothing is going to get in the way of your expressing the deepest darkest wants. You put them out there and they will be answered in the best way.


You get and appreciate all that this crazy new world has brought to you. This isn’t going to be the first, nor will it be the last. You remember back to the days when love was free. Now you feel like you have to pay a higher price. But that isn’t going to matter in one week.


You can’t figure out how to get out without help and a map. When you ask the right questions you find the right door. Don’t believe everything you hear. There are people with their own agendas and you have to look out for your own self. Be careful taking the easy way out.


You don’t always have to be right all of the time, even though you hate being wrong. Once you accept that you are wrong at least half of the time you can get out of your ego and be fine with your mistakes. We learn from those mistakes and therefore they are precious to us.

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