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Attempted Murder!

Tuesday, February 23, 9:56 p.m. Two men, both co-working valets at the Sea Castle in the 1700 block of Ocean Front Walk, were in a dispute over a domestic issue (you never wash the dishes, you leave your socks out, you always make a mess, etc). One of the valets parked a knife into the other victim (aka a stabbing), and fled. Officers were called, and responded to said call. Officers then observed the suspect driving on the I-10 freeway (good eyesight?), stopped him and arrested him for attempted homicide. His bail: One million dollars.

Unwelcome Guest In The Box.

Wednesday, February 24, 5:55 p.m. Officers went to the Jack In The Box restaurant on the above date and time because they had received a call that an assault had occurred. Upon arrival they spoke with the victim, who told them what had happened. Apparently, this chap had been dining at a table in the restaurant when the suspect joined him at the table, uninvited. The victim, perhaps sensing that this guy was not the type of person who would be congenial company, decided to move to another table. The suspect appeared to be drinking an alcoholic beverage, and so the victim chose to point out that drinking an alcoholic beverage was disallowed, and that he was therefore going to inform the manager. The suspect (surprisingly?) arose, and began a physical confrontation with the victim. Other diners interrupted their own dining experience in order to restrain this suspect, but he pulled out a pair of scissors and stabbed the victim. The suspect then fled, and as he was doing so, threw the scissors in the garbage can. The officers located this person, a transient, and arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon. His bail (which one assumes he could not raise) is $30K.

Can You Buy You A Beer?

Thursday, February 25, 12:29 p.m. Officers went to check out another fight, this time in the 2900 block of Main Street. When they got there the victim told them that the suspect had entered the business and removed a beer from the cooler. The victim (an employee) suspected that the suspect had in fact taken two beers, but was claiming responsibility to pay for only one of them. The victim (at that time more of a “soon to be victim”) asked the suspect if he had a concealed beer upon his person, to which the suspect opened up his jacket and proudly displayed no beer. The victim, still suspicious, decided to pat down the suspect, but still did not find that beer (if at first you don’t find beer, try, and try again?). The suspect, by this time, had decided that he did not want the beer (enough of the searching already!), and decided to express this change of mind by asking the employee to have a fight outside. The victim, still convinced that this guy had that can of beer, followed the suspect outside, whereupon the suspect whacked the victim. Uninvolved citizens ran over and broke up the fight. The cops arrived and the victim placed this suspect, a male transient, under citizen’s arrest and the cops took him to jail, charged with assault with a deadly weapon (the missing beer perhaps?). Bail: Thirty grand.


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