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Brit Finds Home Away From Home in Santa Monica:

As an experienced international strategist and broadcaster throughout the world Patricia Mitchell has worked with the BBC, Granada Television, SKY Television and Carers World Radio in London and Los Angeles.

Mitchell first visited Santa Monica during a post-university road trip from England when she was 21. “Santa Monica was where I wanted to live”, said Mitchell. As co-presenter and co-producer of 2britsinla, a weekly entertaining, fast moving and lively discussion podcast about life in Los Angeles, Mitchell enjoys reporting from the perspective of a British ex-pat.

Co-presenter and co-producer of 2britsinla is Sandro Monetti, a journalist, author and lecturer whose latest project is a new book Mickey Rourke: Wrestling with Demons soon to be published in the U.S.

“I realized we shared a sense of humor and sensibility about the absurdities of Hollywood…” With the largest ex-pat British community on the West Coast, Santa Monica: “has everything we Brits love but don’t get enough of back home – such as the ocean, sunny skies, warm greetings, fun times, and a proud sense of community ” said Monetti about first meeting Mitchell at a dinner party.

Patricia Mitchell recently settled in Topanga and reflected on canyon living in her podcast: “Life in LA when it rains is like being in a 3rd world country (for a millie second).I live in a canyon – today the power went out twice and my landlady asked if I had a flash light.In the summer and fall its fire risk time, in the winter its rain and landslides, and all the time its earthquake country but generally its still heaven”

Mitchell’s podcast celebrated her newly acquired canine companion, Lolita, an English Bull Terrier discovered on an online rescue site. “I was brought up with Bullies, and my only complaint(s) is they hog the bed, sit right in front of the fire and take all the heat, usually get the best chair in the house and manage to get away with it due to their smiling faces.”

 Mitchell is dedicated to her work with Carers World America, the newest branch of Carers World Radio which is committed to providing an interactive platform for Carers (Family Caregivers) to learn about developments in policy and services and to help Carers use the resources available in their country. Carers World Radio’s team of presenters and producers have been developing audio services for Carers for more than 10 years.

Carers World America will present a new story of a Carer (Family Caregiver) in the U.S. each month and is archiving a library of stories from across the U.S. highlighting how individuals balance their caregiving responsibilities and their own lives.

As lead presenter at Carers World Radio Patricia Mitchell has worked with Carers’ issues for over 10 years and is currently developing the ‘audio stories’ branch of Carers World Radio in Los Angeles. Carers will share personal stories so that policy makers and the general public can understand and appreciate what ‘Caring’ means. An Internet-based platform for Carers to provide a forum for debate and expression of ideas and issue, including interaction with policy makers, will be launched this year.

An experienced Life Coach and former host of SKY TV’s Change The Day You Die.

Mitchell says “For me, the key is to discover what is best going to help to move your life in the direction you really want to go. For some that means bringing clarity into the confusion of options and perceived stop signals; building an action plan and working through it as Winston Churchill wrote: “If you are going through hell, keep going.”

Find Patricia Mitchell at: www.heartfullmind.com .

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