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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

Raven Nightwood, Mirror Astrologist


You are able to read and interpret the thoughts of others. Too bad you have trouble using this talent on yourself. You have unresolved issues which need to be unblocked for you to move forward. Don’t be afraid to seek help from others.


You’re about to embark on a new relationship! Don’t get too excited; it’s someone you already know. Maybe it’s a co-worker or someone you knew in high school. But at least the ice is broken; now the romance is up to you.


You are dreaming a lot—during the daytime. While it’s fun, you need to focus on the

mundane but important tasks at hand. Plan an escape but realize that it won’t happen

right away.


The planets are dancing and that means your relationships are about to undergo a shakeup. While this may worry you, it isn’t always a bad thing. What’s become too routine and stale will fall; the strong ties will become stronger.


You should stand back and watch others this week. From a safe distance, you will be able to find out things that nobody will tell you up front. If you’re brave enough, you may confront questions you’ve had for a long time—and you will find answers.


Imagination is funny, as the song goes. Use yours and you might be in for financial and career success. This week the planets are aligned to help you make your ideas real. Go for it.


After all your hard work, you are about to see results—big results. Whatever you do for a living or for a future career, your efforts are about to lead to money, acceptance, and praise. Give yourself a hand; you deserve it.


You’ve got the birds and the bees on your mind. Yes, spring is here early for you. Might as well kick back and enjoy it. Invite someone over; put on the soft music, dim the lights. Good luck.


You’ve been running around so busily that you fear you have lost your friends. This is a good time to catch up with them. Try rearranging your schedule and priorities so that you can get work done and enjoy your valuable relationships too.


Even though you like being independent, you will surprise yourself by getting involved in a group activity. Yes, you can be with others and enjoy their feedback and their companionship. It will lift your spirits as it also helps them.


Oops, you did it again. Your special relationship seems rocky but it’s not the crisis you may think it is. With a little care and a bit of humor, you can make it right again. We’re all human.


People you meet today will be telling you things that you can’t quite believe. Some of what you’re hearing is gossip but some of it might be true. Listen with a careful ear and take heed of the genuine stuff; disregard the chaff, and use the good advice.

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