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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

Raven Nightwood, Mirror Astrologist


You have been growing but you’re growing too fast (like Alice in Wonderland). You need to slow down, although you must take care not to become too small. Take care to look both ways and take from both sides of the mushroom. Otherwise things will get curiouser and curiouser.


You’re having the opposite problem from Aries; you’re not moving forward. It’s like you’re moving underwater, slowly, slowly. But don’t panic. Remember, as the Queen told Alice, it takes all the running you can do to stand in the same place. In a strange way, you are moving.


You see darkness in the daytime. You are undergoing an eclipse of the emotions. Remember that eclipses only last a few minutes and most of them take place in unpopulated areas. Look upon your total eclipse as temporary and exciting, and be thankful that you yourself won’t go out like a candle.


Sometimes you have to be apart from the crowd. There are people you know who feel a certain way; you disagree. Contrariwise, they don’t agree with your point of view. Now is a time that is most important to stick to your viewpoint and your values, no matter what others may say.


Work, work, work! Is there no let-up? If you have to, you have to. Don’t let it get you down. Your true friends will understand. Take care of your responsibilities but don’t be late for that very important date. Come and join the dance.


You need to relax. There’s no need to stress yourself out; on the other hand, you are not the type to fall asleep at a tea party. But you could use a few parties. Just don’t lose your head over work worries.


Nobody can do two things at once. You are trying to do a world of things. Try picking out just a few or just one thing to concentrate on. Your rapt attention to detail will help you to advance.


Do you feel like it’s always jam tomorrow or yesterday but never jam today? You are bewildered; you feel like you can’t think properly. But maybe it’s the world, not you. With some perspective, you will realize that your head is solidly on its shoulders.


Someone is knocking at your door. You never thought twice before about this person but if you open your eyes, you will see romance right before you. Don’t let the image vanish, leaving only the smile. Go for it.


Time won’t stand beating so don’t try to beat the time. Let time work itself out. Take some time out. Talk with your friends and pretend that time is moving backwards. It’s always tea-time if you want it to be.


You studied Mystery, ancient and modern and that’s why you are so good at figuring things out. Well, how about this, detective that you are, you managed to miss one clue! Now you have to go back and decipher the clues. With luck, you will come up with the answer.


Take care of the sounds and your senses will take care of themselves. You love the sound of your own voice and words. This may be too much for some but you speak the truth. Besides, you speak it with much humor and it makes your friends laugh.

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