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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

By Raven Nightwood, Mirror Astrologer


You’re thinking career. Not work, job, drudgery. You want to be a big shot but there are ways to succeed without becoming oblivious to your friends or to the quotidian pleasures of life.


Look up to the skies and see airplanes, look out on the horizon and see boats and trains. You are about to embark on a trip that will also be a journey in life experience. Make your plans now but don’t have emotional reservations.


Gemini means twins and you will not be alone at this time. Someone will be entering your life and entwining with it and you. It could be a business partner or a romantic partner. Maybe both!


You have been having unusual dreams (aren’t they always?) Try keeping a dream journal to record them. Then forget about Freudian symbols and pick the best image from your dreams and try to make it come true.


It’s tax time. Try to get your taxes done early but don’t let work or other worries overtax you. You have paid your dues many times over and you are entitled to some R and R. Relaxing now will pay big dividends in the future.


You are going to be “in the money.” Something that you are good at doing will soon start to earn you the big bucks, or a reasonable amount of moolah. Just be careful not to overspend. Money runs out faster than luck.


You find yourself relating to families, especially to children. If you don’t have a child, you might think about having one. If you do have children, you are concerned for their future. It’s a good time to prepare for a busy and rewarding life with the next generation.


Life seems to be one big ledger. Will the number-crunching ever end? You may have spent too much in the past; now it’s time to be frugal. This tight state of things won’t last forever. Better finances are just around the corner.


You have been silent and others have not been communicating with you. It’s time for everyone to start talking. If you have to have the first word, so be it. Get a conversation going and you might also be able to have the last word.


There is much energy driving you and that will help you with your aspirations. You may have a chance to improve your economic situation. Try to accomplish as much as you can while your motivation lasts.


Although you are an “air” sign, you have a practical side. You will find yourself turning to it and using it in wondrous ways that will pay off financially, romantically, and socially. Don’t lose sight of this great opportunity while it lasts.


The future is now. After so many false starts and stops and setbacks, you have finally reached a point of completion. Bask in it for a short time and then find a new goal. Plateaus are for resting, not for staying.

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