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Singer Carrie Newcomer Touring for Concert in Santa Monica:

Singer and songwriter Carrie Newcomer will be giving a Before and After album release concert on March 12 in Santa Monica, as part of the national tour that kicked off earlier this month in Nashville.

Before and After is Newcomer’s 12th release with prior albums including Regulars & Refugees, The Age of Possibility and the critically acclaimed The Geography of Light. Her latest work highlights Newcomer’s ability to blend rich alto and poignant take on the world. Newcomer remarked she has “peeled back another musical and emotional layer”. Infused with her grace and honesty, the album portrays smooth and melodious music. “There is something unguarded and naked about this album,” said Newcomer.

Praised by Billboard as a “soaring songstress”, the acclaimed musician has been described as an artist that illuminates life with starting depth, humor and clarity. “It’s not about being flashy or playing lots of notes, it’s about playing the most elegant notes and placing them perfectly,” said Newcomer.

Throughout the years Newcomer has worked with many notable artists and received critical acclaim for her music. In 2008, upon the successful release of her Geography of Light album, Folk Wax Magazine recognized her with Artist and Album of the Year.

The Before and After album was co-produced by David Weber and it combines Newcomer’s folk-roots sound overlaid with Appalachian and classical influences. “Songwriting is not about being clever, flashy or fancy; it is about telling a compelling story in language and music with elegance and clarity,” said Newcomer.

Ten percent of tour sales will be donate to The Center for Courage and Renewal’s scholarship fund, a center that was originally developed in 1997 to sustain, renew and inspire public school teachers and expand to anyone who would like to foster personal and professional renewal through retreats that offer time and space to reflect on life and work.


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